Some men are more attracted to ladies with long hairs. 

Do you fancy such woman? 
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I am a woman and I tell you it's really hard to maintain such a long hair. I mean I am fancy with other women who has this beautiful hair that seems like they handle it very easily. But, for my experience it's really hard like I want to cut my hair right now because it's really hurtful every time I comb.
My partner likes me with my long hair and he will react every time I will say I want to cut my hair short because it's annoying me. No matter what he says I cut my hair short because I am the one who will carry it not him. Lucky those women who have this very long straight shiny hair. I don't have such type of hair I feel jealous but, I cannot copy their hair. I have my own hair type and they have their own. The important is how I handle my hair and how do I feel about myself about it, not anyone else.
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Yes. It is ture. It is very tough to maintain long hair. As you said the long hair women are lucky one. 
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I don't know why  a woman should shaved her hair well,it might not be my  business but women are always more pretty with long hairs and I have always loved all the women in life with hairs from my mother to my sisters and my partner . It seem they all know because they have very long hair which they sometimes plaits, weave, fix or just style it into some cute styles like pony tail etc.
Apart from liking women with very long hair it's a taboo in my place for women to just shaved their hair especially the adult women, maybe female children can do while growing up but when it get to adult age no more shaving. It is believed only a lady mourning her dead husband can have her hair shaven to show respect for the dead. So I love my woman with long, clean and well maintained hair.
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As far as I am concerned, I feel good and happy when I see my lady on long hairs. I mean this is the only way that I can say that I am really taking good care of her as well. You know the thing when it comes to ladies is that they also want to look good and that is the reason most of them enjoy keeping long hairs as well. You can't really beat that happiness that comes with long hairs as it adds glamour to the beauty of such women.

Some time ago, my fiance jokingly told me that she is thinking of cutting her hairs and that got me angry. She had to quickly apologize since she knows that I am that type of guy that doesn't feel better when my lady is having a low cut. I understand that it is not always easy for us to keep to the cost of maintaining long hairs, but it is something that we should look forward to doing as well.
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I am a woman and I think having a long hair is like having a crown glory that makes a woman look more beautiful and confident. I can't maintain long hair but I admire those woman who can maintain long hair much more if the weather is hot. Me, when I was having a long hair before, once my long hair develop a curve because I put a hair pin or pony tail, I hate it. My hair is dry and it always will. Treatment will only works in a day, after a day, my ruin looks are even worst. That is why having someone with a long hair is really admirable. If it is long shiny black hair, that's it. I really love woman who maintain long black hair. They look beautiful. If their hair will be okay even with styling that is much better. If I admire a woman with a long hair, for sure men wants them too.
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I actually fancy a hair lady a lot and i equally enjoin playing with the hair a lot. Most times i help my female friends to cumb or straightened their hair or cream it. I'm sure that, they also like it muchly because they won't stop or hesitate to request for it. Meanwhile,  there are certain qualities I fancy most in women which most important among it is "neatness" and sound "hygiene". If a lady is neat enough and she always takes very cautioned and accurate care of her body and home. She is my choice of friendship.

I'm sure it will sound or looks very tentatively insulting and irritating for a ladies hair to be smelling and armpit hair fulling grown like rice farm. Yet she feels comfortable to mingle around. Just in summary; I love long hairs that is neat and attractive.
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I love a nice long haired girl with a nice cute smile on the face.

I think women should have long hair because it fits them better, but in the end, its the inside that counts.

Ive experienced some very mean women with long hair in my life, so the inside before the outside.
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My goodness, i think it's every woman's dream to have long flowing hair, i believe am speaking for most ladies here. wherever you go, you will always find women buying wigs and others weaving their hairs, they could be doing this for various reasons, but am sure many do it for the love of hair. I personally love long wavy hair it looks sexy and very elegant. long hair gives a woman a different look as well. It's unfortunate that i do not have long hair as such, but i wish i did. i would do crazy styles on it and just have fun. I always imagine myself at the beach with my flowing hair falling on back, just swishing from one side to the other as the wind blows and as i run my fingers through it, my goodness it feels really good. But since i don't have long hair, i have to improvise with a wig that fits my specifications. I thank God for the person who introduced wigs and weaves in this world, it was a good thing, because it is helping very many women out here with issues of hair. There are those with no hairlines, those who are suffering from Alopecia, cancer patients, really it is a blessing. There are also guys who appreciate wigs, because they also use them. Men, if i may ask a question, don't you like or wouldn't you appreciate a woman with nice hair? am sure the answer to that would be a big yes. Hair is beautiful and i know women would go all the way to look good up there no matter what it takes.
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I love the ladies with long hair than short hair. I am female with Short hair. I do worry about my hair most of the time. It is hard to maintain the long hair. Long hair gives beautiful appearance to the girls. 
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