When I was still a teenager, this kind of haircut was called skin cut. It's a haircut where all hairs are cut off to the skull skin. 

Have you ever had a skin shaved cut before? 
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If I am a man then I would like my hair to cut off completely once in a while and let it grow a new one. Because if you cut your hair completely it will grow a fresh one. I wish I could dare to do that as a woman because I have a very dry hair, and what's in my mind is ro shave hair and let it grow again for a new one. During my high schools, it is mandatory  for men to cut their hair of completely. It is require especially CAT and they have a standard cut to follow. But, they stop it now since Grade 12 was approved.
I have five brothers and I have seen their hair cut off completely and they grow faster anyway so it doesn't matter if you cut them completely. It is very suit to men than most women. I have seen some women shave their off completely and they look good at it. For myself, I don't see myself cutting or shaving my hair off.
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I believe some hair cut is just done according to what is in Vogue if skull is in Vogue alot of people will want to have it that way including me.As a growing child I know there was a time skull was trending you will see people with clean shaved scalp and some fashion concious guys even added some oil to it to make it shiny and I used to do same though not often Lol but I think I have outgrown that now because I don't think I will have such a cut any longer because I don't longer fancy it.
I just prefer keeping my hair low and having a very clean shaved maybe with some carving and I'm done with my hair. I don't think skull should even be thought about by women because in my place it's a taboo for a woman to spot that unless she is beveared then.
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Oh! This question reminds me of a sad day of my life which I still find very difficult to forget. Perhaps,due to the anger I saw in my dad on that day which emanated from my childish act.

On that sad day, I went to school as usual as a kid with my normal hair which was neither full nor low. A close class mate of mine brought his father's scissors to school for a reason I don't know. So we bought went to a corner and he started using it to cut my hair. As expected, the hair became bad to the extend that our teacher had to send for my dad. But before he arrive; I already ran away from the school. My parents search every where for me but I was inside the bush close to our house. I had to come out when the issue was turning to a big dispute between my both parents. From that instant and for the first and last time; I witness my parents fight and I was the subject.

I came out and pleaded for pardon and they both forgive me. So, my dad took be to a barbering saloon and the whole hair was removed. That is the Genesis of my complete hair cut till date. I think I love it. Because it fits me.
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