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What do you find attractive about Korea? 

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The Korean drama is a trend now a days, I like the Korean drama. The actors are so cute and lovable. I always wanted to visit Korea one day to experience their culture. I also love the beauty products they have like facial mask, green tea cream, and others.

I like Korean drama series, I was addicted to The boys over flowers". It was my first Korean drama and I start appreciating what Korea is. Their country, culture, beauty products, and of course their snowy season.
I really wanted to visit Korea one day, to explore their beautiful country that I can only seen on television. Until now, I am still watching Korean dramas whenever I have time. Most of my friends are watching it too. I don't know what's with Korean but, they really cute people and with unique culture.
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Korea which is a region in East Asia is a nice place for tourist to either tour or live in. The region has attractive places where one can go on sightseeing and spend in either as an individual or family.According to records the crime rate there and level of homicide there is very low and as such it an healthy place to take a bit of vacation if need be.
I love the whole of Korea entertainment industry from their movies, series, shows and music. They have great actors, actresses and musicians too. They have something great going on in their entertainment industry.

They have varieties of mouth watering dishes that one can choose from.
I like their culture as well which is like a mixure of both Chinese and Japanese culture. It gives the best of two worlds.

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