There are so many kind of baked bread such as wheat, cheese etc. 

Which one do you like eating? 
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To me bread is just bread, so long as it has yeast and it has the definition that suites bread am good. We have whole wheat bran bread that's a favorite, then there is the sweet bread that has fruit in it, cheese bread, you name it, as long as it has health benefits and it is pallatable am okay with it.

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I love baked bread it that I eat it even after a sweet meal. I think my best type of bread is chocholate bread which us not actually common. The bread us a bit costly than normal baked bread and I usually buy it in stock in my fridge to save me the worry of going to buy every time. Though I also love fish baked bread. The bread is just too scarce to find anyhow. But each time I find it, I enjoy every bite of the bread even without anything to drink. I usually get the bread each time I visit eastern part of my country, I enjoy it a lot that even when I could make it to the eastern part if my country for a long time, I usually send people going towards that side.

I enjoy the bread a lot that I almost got poison by a friend whom I sent the bread sometimes last year and he injected the bread with some kind if toxic chemical. I was so lucky that as at when he brought the bread I kind if busy wwith a disturbing issues. So I even forgot to put the bread in the fridge. Befirevtge next day, the whole bread already trurned black and pretty bad. It was tested and what was discovered was not good at all.
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I love wheat bread because of the nutrients contents, I always opt for it whenever I want to buy bread,  it a very good bread that even diabetic patients can consume with fear of rise in their sugar level because has little or no sugar content.  I always feel very satisfied when I eat it with tea because they they are not hard so they do not cause head ache,  they last for at least 2 days.
Normal flour bread is usually another alternative since wheat bread some time goes scarce and it is not sold near by my location. Normal flour bread also makes good sense if one is able to lay his hand on the ones from reputable company, though it is advisable to get them fresh for consumption. I have not taste cheese baked bread before.
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I love all kinds of bread. As long as it is bread, I just love it. Bread happens to be one of the staple foods I can easily go for anytime I am hungry. Most times if I am unable to cook something for myself, I will prefer to go for bread.
But among all the bread out there, I am aware that there are ones that are more nutritious than the others, yet, I don't really care at times about the ones more heath-enriching than the others especially if I am famishing.
Ideally, the type of breads we are expected to be consuming are wheat breads due to their nutritional benefits they offer to the body. They are really indeed the right kind of breads for those that are watching their weights. The white breads are categorized as processed foods since they've lost their nourishing contents during baking.
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I often to change my bread most the time I go to supermarket. Beforehand, I only choose to buy white bread and just out some butter, peanut butter or jam on top of it. Sometimes, I just like to eat it alone even if it is tasteless. But, when I tried to buy Pumpkin and sunflower bread, it gives me a hint that is nit bad to try different flavors if bread. And lately, I keep buying multi grain bread because it has more beneficial energy content than the regular white bread.
I like more multi grain bread and sometimes I buy pumpkin bread fir a change of taste. Plus I enjoy it because it has already flavor in it. But, there is nothing like if I really explore the different type of bread, It's more fun because it will give your taste bud an enjoyment and discoveries that there are a lot of flavors to explore with bread.
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Whenever I get chance to bake bread at home, I prefer Whole wheat flour as it is healthier and nutritious than white flour ( We also call it as Refined or bleached flour). The whole wheat bread has unique texture and taste too. Even if I buy bread from the stores nearby, I Make sure that it is a whole wheat bread. But now a days, there are many bread makers who make bread using white flour and use chemicals to give it a brown bread(whole wheat bread) texture. So buy the ones which are trustworthy bakers. I avoid using white bread since the chemicals are used to bleach the flour making it harmful for our health even though it is enriched with selenium, niacin and thiamin.

Multi grain bread is also a good choice as it is made from more than one grain(like whole wheat and whole oats) and  has the nutrients, fibers, vitamins and other healthy plant compounds found in the grain.

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I normally like a loaf of good sourdough bread or even a rye bread. Where I live the cook fresh French bread and deliver it to our markets 5 tunes a day. I love to go to the market when they first deliver the bread because it is hot. This is the best time to buy French bread here and especially to eat it. It is great in the morning with your coffee, in the afternoon for a sandwich, or at night baked in the oven with garlic and butter on it. 
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I do like banana bread. It is made from mashed bananas. It is kind of sweet taste. It is also food for health. The second one is Cheese bread. It is really awesome taste. Everyone should try it at least once. 
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