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I have heard about Zwerl but most of it a bad reviews from people who are being banned for no reason. Have you been into the sites?
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I have not worked on that website, but when I checked the review and saw how many weeks banned, I saw it as a website which I should definitely stay away from. 
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That what I have heard also among from my friends, some may say it's a good platform but I think they are not fair with its members.
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Yes, they ban you without any proper reason. Especially they do when you have already wasted your month and waiting for payment. It can change your happiness to sadness in a monent. These bastards don't even reply to email or send you mail regarding ban. If ever I get a chance to meet its owner I will definitely break his bones.

These bastards use our efforts and ban us without any warning.

So my advice is to stay away from this . Because you may get happy when you get payment. And also you will wait for next salary and waste time here. They will ban you if they don't have money to pay experts without any reason.
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Yes, I've been using Zwerl app since November 2018 and I personally earned from the platform. They pay good enough. The app has been around since 2 years ago and have helped many Experts who give great answers to each questions. I got paid twice since November, they pay once a month. 

The Zwerl app actually have strict rules and you really need to abide with their rules so that you won't be suspended or banned from the program. Many bad reviews are given to the app due to the fact that they really suspended many accounts. Some claims they haven't committed any violations. Some claims that Zwerl has lift up suspension of their account after series of communication with the Support team. 

My take is, this app is 100% Legit and you just need to follow the rules and provide great and helpful answers. 

Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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Zwerl is legit and I was once a member before I got banned. The fact is they have strict rules and I know for a fact that they do ban for no reason.

If you want to try the site, you can but I wouldn't  want to waste my data on a site that may ban me for no tangible reason.Getting banned when you have aquired a lot of bucks is a bummer.
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I just got ban today on zwerl, it's so painful, they paid me twice, you shouldn't try zwerl I beg of you, you will be on queue like forever, I could have easily open a new account, but it's not worth it at all
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Yes i am a member of zwerl. I started nov 1 to be honest i have a good start. I did my research and was online most of the time. Im only offline when i sleep. The nov payout good delayed, i told myself. Nah i can just wait, i know i wont get banned because before i started ive read and understand the terms and condition. Lots of people said they really pay but more than half said they got banned for no reason.

And so i did FOLLOW all the rules and regulation, and not a single time i cheat their system. 

Going back, the nov payout was delayed. Dec 18 2018 came, i got a notification that my answers are being reviewed. The heck with them, i can accept being banned of suspicious activity because i am aware of it in the first place but being on hold and transfer to the queue because of LOW QUALITY answers. MY ANSWERS ARE LOW ON QUALITY?! cmon. For me that part was really unacceptable. I even did a rant about those people who answers prayers to all questions. I mean seriously? A how to solve math problems, or how to cook questions. The one that gets voted for answers are those who answered "just pray hard" you will pass the exam. Or just pray hard to make your food delicious. Its crazy.. and the ZWERL team saying my answers are on low quality? I guess they just come up of a new reason hold the payments. 

They even said they need human answers, but when i emailed them not a single human touch from them. Oh well that part is over, if you take your chances you can try. Just get ready you dont get too affected if youll get banned or payments on hold without explanation from them. 
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I often tell people that zwerl is legit but from every review I have read to what I personally experienced, I make bold to say that I was wrong.Their is something off about this site.The fact that you follow all their rules and still get banned after making money shows this guys are not straight forward. The whole site Is just a charade.I wouldn't advice anyone to waste his or her time on zwerl.Its a total waste of time.

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I have heard about this site called Zwerl on more than one occasion from most of the online platforms that I carry out one form of work or another, just like now that you also took the opportunity to mention it here on Answeree but on your part, it's mainly information that you are looking for about the site Zwerl.

Well, if I'm being very honest about this site called Zwerl, I haven't been impressed with it to the extent that I would be pleased to look at the possibility of getting into the site. Some people whom I know to be on site have divided opinions about the site as some of them are pleased with how the site Zwerl works while some other fraction of the people on the site are not satisfied with how it works. So, I would say that it's a 50/50 thing.
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Haven't you join yet so you would know what they like? Do you have any friends being banned from the site?
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Very legitimate platform to earn some extra cash..I use this app for last one year they give me payments every months in a proper date
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Yes, I am in Zwerl. It is an answer and question site but you will be doing it by a chat. You need to be inside a chat and be active in participating. Either the User who started the chat will like you and it is called Favourite. If you are pick as a favourite, you get an earning. When I was starting on that site, I earned 0.9 a day on the site and it was fast to reach $20 like after two weeks and I am not even active on the site. I only go there to check my balance and to join one chat and then I will get out of the app. When you will work on the site, you need to download Zwerl App, but on the website itself, the site 's name is Heysphere. You will get paid through your bank if your bank is supported by Transferwise. You will learn it when you edit your profile and put all your bank information.
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Someone recommended using his referral link to join the site and that I will earn what he earns and vice versa. 

How true is that? 
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I was one of their good member but for some reason they suspended me and my earnings are on hold too. That is good you only earn a little bit from that sites, when I was there, I could earn $20 a day. The reason why I got suspended.
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Hi@grecy0905, You have given some information about Zwerl with which I can make some search. Thank you.
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Hi @grecy0905, I just checked with Google and the website you mentioned namely "heyspere" is not yet ready.
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Yes I am working on the site, reached $23 already, not active but I am chatting everyday, once and I earned $1. It varies, sometimes I earned 0.2, then a dollar, then 0.8. I haven't been paid, but I know a lot that has been paid. I think I am included on the payment that will be receiving on December 15. Will update you guys if i received my payment.
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I think you need referral link to join @answernow because you cannot join if there is no code.
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I knew about Zwerl on forum coin another earning site though the person that introduced it didn't write about it in details so I needed to research more about it before joining.When I searched about it I saw more grivances from previous users than positive reviews and that put me off immediately. I know people can say negative things about a site but when it's like the norm where accounts are suspended or banned indicriminately then one just have to be careful to avoid waste of money and time on a site that will not pay one.
I haven't still joined the site but if one want to try it out, why not because they're still people working on the site that are still being paid I believe. So if you're good at answering questions exceptionally you can try out the site and see how it goes.
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Zwerl is a app related site that usually hire or employ intellectual to perform the duty of chatting with the customers about products and services ofvtge company with the purpose of paying the hired intellectuals. The hired will be sectioned in the business chain to be able to answer questions according to individual professions and proficiencies.

The app will be on the system or smartphone after downloading and installed. It is actually built to unlock the world knowledge and potential potential with the features like; chat free to 10,000s of people in a matter of seconds . answer  other people's questions and get paid for sharing knowledge.

Get help from group of knowledgeable ppeople when you have a question. SSend photos yo illi
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