I heard a news from a friend saying its possible. Is it possible or not.
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It's not possible, unless you're talking about using your phone's data. You need an internet connection to surf the web.

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No, you can't. The only way to access the Internet is through a WiFi connection or a 3 or 4G network access from your local mobile carrier. You can go to a cybercafe and connect your mobile device online using their WiFi connection. Otherwise, there is no way to access any online websites without some sort of internet connection.
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Are you asking about free internet. Internet.org was one of that organisation which was there to provide free internet for basic needs. Later facebook bought them on 2015 to provide free internet to access facebook. Some other companies too came forward to join the association to make free internet possible through android phones. But people could only go through certain sites only. That was the idea. Not hearing any updates about it nowadays.
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I don't think you can access the internet with chrome android. It is only the internet provider service can allow you to access the internet. They are the ones who are able to provide the service of downloading files and videos in the internet. You can't access that without  the help  of the  internet  provider.
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It is impossible for us to browse a website without internet connection. All world wide web needs to have an access to the internet because that is the main use why people subscribe to internet plan services but if you are not yet subscribe you can actually use a data connection in order for you to connect to the internet or surf to the net.
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Yes you can, and no you can't. The answer to your question depends on what you mean by surfing websites on chrome without internet connection. So am going to give a brief explanation on why I answered with both yes and no.

Yes means that you can browse webpages that has been previously visited with an internet connection.This process is possible with the use of chrome's offline mode. Offline mode is a function in chrome's settings which can be enabled to allow revisits on webpages without an internet connection. This is how it works, when you enable offline mode on chrome, a local cache gets created for every webpage you visit using an internet connection. So the next time you visit the said webpages without an internet connection, a previously saved local cache of the webpages gets displayed as if browsing with an internet connection. Remember that the process won't work if offline mode is not enabled in the settings, as only webpages visited when enabled can be revisited when there's no internet connection.

No on the other hand means you can not visit a new webpage without an internet connection even if you've enabled offline mode. The offline mode will only bring up previously saved local cache of previously visited webpages when there was an internet connection. This simply means that if you haven't visited a webpage before with an internet connection and when offline mode was enabled, then no local cache was created for the said webpages, which means you can't access the said new webpages without an internet connection.
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I have been using chrome browser on my phone for ages now because it like the  fastest browser for me,at least I have expermented with other browsers there are always slow for me and some like opera mini doesn't even open some webpages but chrome that is owned by Google seems the best browser for Android phones.

Having said that despite the fact that chrome is owned by Google doesn't mean we can browse the internet free with chrome.Chrome doesn't have such a feature at least I haven't ever heard or seen it. Chrome is just a browser while internet connection or network is very different. One needs to connect to a network to be able to surf the internet. So my answer is emphatic no we can't have an access to the internet with just Chrome browser.
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There is no way of getting to surf any website without internet connection. It's not possible even with Google Chrome browser or any other browser software as well. The internet connection helps you to access the website and establish a link up to it before you can be able to use the site. Currently, I'm making use of Google Chrome browser for years now and I have never had the privilege to use it and browse any websites without an internet connection. Even with other browsers such as Opera Mini, Mozilla Firefox, UC browser, Phoenix browser etc, they are never enabled to establish a connection with a website without an internet connection. If it's possible to connect to websites without an internet connection, then it would be something very great but now, it's not possible.
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I am still trying to truly understand what you mean by surfing the internet without the help of your data bundle being active. I don't really think that it is pretty possible for us to start browsing the internet without having internet services as that is not the way that it is designed. I have also come to notice that when you open some website pages, you will always have to keep pushing towards what is necessary and nice as long as you have the data on.

There is also a possibility that your friend is having this cheat on the internet provider which makes it possible for them to have access to the internet without having a data bundle on, but this doesn't mean that they are not having that internet services on. So, when you try to find out the real truth from your friend, you will see what I am saying as well.
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