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Well some people don't understand why a person with paranoid schizophrenia has the though process like someone without. Then when someone reacts as in disguise or anger shuts them down but they don't how to think without all the paranoia. And sometimes people get to where they won't speak of the thoughs because people can react in some ways that hurt. But sometimes they can't control all the thoughs and nobody seems to listen.

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Am finding it hard making some meaning out of your narration, but I think I can come up with a direct answer using only the question. Allow me begin by seperately explaining the meaning of paranoia and schizophrenia before drawing a conclusion.

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder usually characterized under abnormal social behavior and also the failure to understand reality. A person suffering from schizophrenia will show symptoms like confused thinking, false beliefs, lack of motivation and sometimes, hearing of voices.

All these explained above simply means that a person who has schizophrenia is suffering from a complicated mental disorder. Such persons will usually have reduced social engagement due to their inability to think, behave and act normally, and most importantly, tell what's real or not.

Paranoia is defined as an instinct or process of thought believed to be heavily influenced by a person's mental state, which often leads to the point of delusion and irrationality. Paranoid thinking usually involves beliefs of false imminent threat to oneself. This means that persons in such state will always have negative thoughts on people's behavior towards them. They'll lack the ability to trust people thinking everyone around them wants to harm them. Persons who have chronic paranoid thinking will likely act violently most of the time.

Now, imagine persons suffering from both paranoia and schizophrenia. Going back to your question - how on earth can a normal person reason and understand with someone who has paranoid schizophrenia? I mean, being paranoid alone is hard to handle, topping it up with schizophrenia makes it almost impossible to handle. So, as long as you have a mental state which is classified as rational or normal, there's absolutely no way you could ever understand the actions of people suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. And besides, I highly doubt that they too understand their own actions.
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I agree with you saying people who are paranoid react violently. I have schizophrenia according to the psychiatrist and the only wrong thing I do is reacting violently to people I am suspicious. I accuse a lot of people are plotting harm against me when it is just my imagination
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It obvious that there is no how a normal or rational human being would understand someone suffering from mental disorder called paranoid schizophrenic. Basically, this disorderliness happens to be the extreme form of mental maladjudememt, as the combination of them is literally on another level. There is absolutely nothing positive that can be made out from either of them.

Paranoia on its own, is talking about the mental disorder people suffer from that cause them to behave abnormally by being apprehensive of others, hence, making to think that others are against or wanting to harm them. This symptom right here make them unable to trust anybody. In other words, they have trust issues with virtually everybody.

But as the case of schizophreniac, although it's slightly similar to that of paranoia due to their relatedness of their root causes, which is mental disorderliness. It is also somewhat different from it, because it deals with inability of the sufferer to relate with reality. The sufferer often have difficulty in having connection with his/her cognition and intellection, which would make the person to lose touch with rationality.

In conclusion, the person suffering from this combined mental maladies won't be able to fit into the acceptable way of living among normal human being, but instead become adrift from every sense of reality. And so nobody can relate with such people due to their mental disorderliness.
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I want to believe that life sometimes is just hard especially for people with any disorder that the world might not understand and come to terms with. Any behavioral traits that is out of the ordinary is viewed as one going mad and as such people will either segregate the person or want to shut the person out.
I have a friend with this traits always getting agitated over what shouldn't be taken seriously infact he is plain paranoid and can so disturb not just self but others with it. So that if one isn't the calm type can begin to also see things that are non-existent because truly they always make a mountain over nothing.

Dealing with people like this needs patience and calmness and they don't even help matters at all by just being all over the place.

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