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Android smartphone are known to drop battery life especially when they are used often with data connection active. 
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Yes, most of the time especially my phone battery drop pretty easily with heavy usage. I charge my phone once or twice a day.

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In general, I do not move about with my smartphone charger. It is because I think if you charge your mobile once in a day, that is enough unless you have the habit of using your mobile phone continuously throughout the day due to which the battery will also go down soon due to constant use.

At the same time, whenever I go out of town and will be away from my house for a day or two or something like that then I take my mobile charger with me because it is one of the essential things that you are not supposed to forget when you go or intent to go on journey out of town. Nowadays, mobile phones have become very indispensable piece of gadget that comes to our rescue in more than one ways. It is the need of the hour that every one of us should remember.
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Yes, I move about with my smartphone charger since like you said smartphones batteries are usually not strong enough to stand a longer time of active usage without dropping fast. By the way, most smartphone like mine doesn't even have very sound battery to withstand longer tine of active usage with data on , without dropping speedily. So I  usually make available my charger should or in case I find any possible means to charge.
Also, since we live in an unreliable country or world where many places or places suffer from shortage of power even make it worst wwhen most times light won't come for day and everywhere will be turned out. Since the smartphone is the only gadget that is much closer to individual irrespective of whom you are it must alwaybe alive.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,008 points) 7 17 73
I don't know about other countries but for my country moving about with one's charger sometimes is more important than moving around with money. This is to show how serious and important our phone chargers are to us here. The issue of our epileptic and erratic power supply is really a big issue because if one didn't have enough power to charge it at home it pertinent that anyone leaving the home must go with a charger in case there's power supply anywhere.

Then again andriod phones are done in a way that a Little internet usage with it takes so much battery from it, So it very necessary to move around with our charger so that we can always find it easy to top up power on the go, in case we need to either surf the internet or make a call.
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Am probably one of those people who do not go about their daily activities with a phone charger close by. And it's not because I don't need to, it's because everyone around does it, I can simply ask and make use of someone else's charger around me. However, i have close friends who do not miss carrying their chargers around. This one particular friend of mine feels like his missing something on him everytime he forgets to step out with his charger. This just goes to show how technology has made a general habit out of everyone. Our phones have become a part of lives, personal part of our lives.
Answering this question just reminded me of back in the days when phones weren't so smart and there was less use of them for social activities. My phone battery could last days without me bordering to charge it.
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Technology has improved to the extent where we now have a whole lot of things that works better for us when we are trying to improve our lives. This is the situation that moving around with our phone charger has brought to us in the sense that there is always something that we want to achieve with our smartphone and it is going to be pretty unfair when these mobile devices I having low battery when we want to use them.

So, I always go about with my smartphone charger as that is the only way that I can charge the mobile device when I'm in a place where there is electricity since I'm living in a location where the case of power supply is not all that constant.

This means that we should always try to find a balance and ensure that all mobile devices are always charged for some uses.
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Of course, I do, but not every time. Me moving about with my smartphone charger depends on the distance of where I am going and the number of hours or days I am going to spend there. It won't be reasonable for me to move with my charger to a place I know I won't be staying more than few hours especially if my phone has been charged to the max. And besides, I have one of the most reliable phone with immense battery life.
However, I can only move with phone charger if I am embarking on a journey that would require me to stay more than a day. And I will also go with it if my phone's battery is about to go flat, perhaps there was no power supply to charge it. It's only on these occasions I often move with my phone charger to anywhere I am going to.

On a general note, the issue of moving about with phone charger is as a result of the heavy dependent on our phones with the ceaseless usage of it. If it were to be there is little or no usage of it, let's say only for taking calls and sending or receiving of text messages, there won't be need for the carrying about of phone charger. And partly epileptic power supply in some areas is also another major cause of it.
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To be honest, I do not get the topic or the question, but I read some of the answer below to absorb something. Since phone charger are not that durable, based on my experience and even goes the same with cellphone battery, when I am charging my phone, I do not use it. I let it turn off because if it is turn on, it will influence me to check my phone once I hear the ringtone or if it starts to blink. It really will delayed the charging and the capacity of the charger to full battery the phone battery in a small enough time. I rather respect the charging. However, there are times I need to use the phone because it is important to me to reply to a certain text and the phone is on low battery. I don't have a choice but to reply but that is the only thing I will do while charging it.
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I have scan through most answers here, lot of the members that have answered this question are from my country where power is not stable in most part of the country, most people who are always busy on the internet will definitely have no choice to move about with their charger or power bank as the case may be.

Currently , I use a mobile phone that has a battery capacity of 4500 MAH which when fully charged takes me a whole day regardless my activities on the internet,  my going about with charger only happens if there is no electricity for days or my phone is not fully charged and I may not return home earlier.
Is is not really ideal to move around with charger but if power can be improved in my country it will be better because I can say virtually everyone moves around with charger in a different ways because some have car chargers while some have power banks are all these are phone chargers.
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The one thing i like about my phone is the fact that it can keep the charge for at least 3 to 5 days without charging. I use the internet often, but it still keeps the charge. When i bought my phone i was told not to use any other charger apart from it's original charger. I came to realize other chargers mess up up your phone and that's why they end up not keeping charge. And then another thing i found out is, when you want to charge your phone, make sure it is at 0 so that you can charge it fully, it's even better to charge it when it is off completely, other than charging it halfway full Not unless it is urgent to have it on at that time. I only move around with my charger when am travelling, otherwise if am going visiting or something i make sure it is at 100%before i leave the house, that way i know i won't need to start looking around for a charger.

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