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I want to make some money as quick as possible. It's a huge sum that I needed. So I am not at all bothered about doing any kind of illegal methods. So can you people help me know about any dirty or black hat online business to make huge money? Please help me

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answered by LEGEND (7,162 points) 4 14 34
This is fantastic and a bit illegal as you say. There are many companies online today that offer easy ways to earn money online. These are scam companies that will trick people into investing in some sort of get rich scheme and in the end close up shop and walk away.

One such business or scam that comes to mind quickly is the email scam. They ask people to invest $25 to get access to this program. They claim that you can make $400 to $500 a day reading emails. In the end, the program will have you advertise an affiliate link online to attract other clients. They claim that all the money you earn from using this method will generate your profits and income. You are basically selling this scam to another person who will pay you for the information and access to the site. The site will give them the exact same information that they've given you.

There are other online scams where you need to get a downline of people under you who are willing to invest large sums of money in a fast and easy way to make money online. Part of their investment is returned to you in the form of a commission. Your downline is actually the only thing that is generating your income. In the end, the company runs out of money or closes up shop and doesn't pay anyone.

It isn't hard to find all the information you need about online scams and how they work. You can create a site and promote this business online. If people like what you're selling they will invest in your program.
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One of the best dirty way to make money online is running a movie download website filled with new movies. Yes pirated movies. You can make a website for downloading films or even streaming. Use torrents as well. Then contact with ad companies which pay daily or so. But do it all at your own risk. I don't recommend you to do so or going so extreme level of making money. I don't know what is the purpose you're into such a decision, still my advice is not to go illegal.
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answered by LEGEND (5,023 points) 4 7 17

There's a site called flirtbuck but its only meant for the females whereby you just chat with the male in the site, just to keep them company. It's not an adult site neither is it a dating site, it's just a site only that it requires mostly females.

Wit every chat you make you earn 12 cents per minute and if you can chat for 30 minutes, then that's around $3.60.That amount isn't that bad and within a week you have like $50.

If you're female then you're good to go and if you're male then I suggest you create a fake account since you said your eagerly need money and you're ready to earn in whichever way.

By the way, this site is only opened for the top tier countries only.

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