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To create a Facebook account.

  • Go to
  • Enter your name, email or phone number, password, date of birth or select gender.
  • click create your account.
  • To finish creating your account and confirm your email or mobile number.
Note: you must be 13 years old to create your Facebook account of service 

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answered by VISIONARY (9,004 points) 6 11 20
This will be very helpful for newbies seeking to have a Facebook book which I believe it age appropriate from the age of 13 to have a Facebook book account. Humans are all social animals and as such we need a great avenue to practice the act and thanks gracious Mark Zukerberg thought it wise to give everyone a platform like Facebook where we can connect with new friends and reconnect with old friends, acquiantances and family.

Signing up on Facebook is super fast,easy  and simple to use and maintain. Yes no one need to pay a dime to sign up on Facebook it absolutely free.

But then again one should be very careful after signing up.So many scammers out there,so one should use a password that it a bit difficult to coined.Sensitive information should be protected on Facebook.
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answered by LEGEND (6,078 points) 2 10 28
I taught you are asking how to create a Facebook account, but it seems that you already know the answer. Anyway, you can find in Google on how to set up an account with Facebook and even from your answer, it seems it is very easy. I will just add that having a Facebook account will make you closer to the people you are longing to see for a long time. Facebook has been there since early 2000 and everyone has an account. Facebook had helped a lot of people to be closer to the relatives that are living too far from them. It is a form of communication. It creates a certain bond to new and old friends. It is the mirror to self realization, it gives you a decision and inspiration. For me it is very useful that is why I wonder why there are people taking advantage and make other's their victim.
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answered by ELITE (3,548 points) 3 7 11
First and foremost, let me take a moment and appreciate your for taking the time to educate members on how to create a new Facebook account for those that are yet to have a Facebook account of their own. Some people would wonder if it's possible to have someone who is yet to have a Facebook account but the obvious truth is that there are so many people who are yet to have one single Facebook account while there are some people who have more than three Facebook accounts. Personally, I have three Facebook accounts, two Facebook groups and one Facebook page. All of these are managed by me alone.
Now, on your instruction on how to create a new Facebook account is how to do so when you are using an internet browser to create the account. It's very easy to create a Facebook account now with the use of Facebook application downloaded from Google play store.

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