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I know we all  like to drinks especially beverages, coffee, hot chocolate or even tea. But, what is your most preferred to drink in most days?
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I just like room temperature drinks not too chilled it hot.Just something very normal and I really like tea. It helps to keep me at alert.

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Well, ever since my childhood, I have never been comfortable with taking or consuming anything that is hot for any reason whatsoever. It never goes well with me because I easily get injured in the mouth by the hot food or drink.

It was even later that I learnt that eating hot food is not good for someone's stomach and health generally, so I sealed up my mind completely off from consumption of anything that is hot.
Remember that there is a difference between hot food and warm food, hot drink and warm drink, so I would rather have my food and drinks being only warm rather than being hot. Even my tea is never taken hot. It's either I had to dilute the hot water with cold water before making the tea or I would allow the hot water to cool down before making the tea.
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I think it depends on the weather. I think I would prefer cold drinks during the hot weather and hot drinks during the cold weather. It will help me to feel okay when I need to adjust my body temperature to the weather, because the weather will never adjust to human beings. Mostly on a regular days, I prefer warm water because I am don't want to ruin my voice. Cold water and sweet foods will ruin it, so I avoid those. I drink warm or hot ginger tea and of course, not too sweet coffee and it is hot. Everyday, I always wants to make sure I drink a lot of water. I cannot complete the 8 glasses of water everyday, but I make sure I drink a lot of water just to keep it up from it. I know it is healthy and it will help me with my migraine. I really prefer not to hot, but just warm water.
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As much as I prefer consuming cold drinks like almost everyone else, over the years i've come to realize that it's quiet unhealthy.

Did you know that the difference in the temperature of cold drinks and body of an individual cause an adverse effect on the body? This is because from the perspective of health, there's not a single trace of vitamins or any other minerals in cold drinks. They contain only sugar, carbolic acid and other potential harmful chemicals.

Normal working temperature of the human body is usually around 37 degrees celsius. While cold drinks have a much lower temperature, even up to 0 degrees celsius. This means that the difference in temperature of cold drinks and the body will have an adverse effect on the digestive system. Hence, constant consumption of cold drinks might very well lead to indigestion and give rise to formation of gases and bad odor, which can primarily affect the teeth and also cause many ailment.

There are many other negative effects of consuming cold drinks and how they affect our different parts of the body. I just thought to share it for the sake of those who are unaware of the dangers.
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My preference for whatever I drink depends on the weather the day is experiencing, but most times I like my drink to go with the room temperature. I am not really the type that have great affinity for cold drinks as most people do. I have noticed that virtually everybody like their drinks to be chilled, and if it's not cold they won't drink.
Surprisingly, my case is quite different because when it comes to cold drinks, I rarely go for them. Let's say if I want to drink water during the day, even if the weather is hot, often times I will still opt for normal water. But if it comes to hot drink, I only go for it when the weather is extremely cold, especially if I want to sip either beverage tea, or herbal tea because I love tea a lot. And sometimes apart from the herbal tea, I can still make use of normal water to drink my beverage tea, that's if the weather is hot.
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