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Please, I would like to know if scratching the skin gives stretch marks? 

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Scratching on the skin is one of the things that can cause stretch marks. Although other things can cause your skin to break and stretch, scratching the skin most definitely amplifies it. This is when pregnant women complain of itching on their bellies and they scratch it, they get stretch marks.

Stretching of the skin depends on its strength and elasticity. So if you scratch and your skin isn't strong and elastic enough, it could break. Stretch mark can also be caused by rapid stretching or shrinking of the skin due to weight gain and weight loss.

To prevent stretch marks, it is best to stay hydrated always. Eat healthy and always add proteins and lots of fruits to your diet. You should also exercise regularly. It helps the skin and elasticity.
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Scratching the skin rarely causes stretch marks. Stretch marks can be found in women during and post pregnancy. Extremely obese people have stretch marks. In Cushing's disease (disease of a hyperactive adrenal gland) stretch marks are one of its key signs. Stretch marks vary in size, shape and color. In the warm sun stretch become much darker. In pregnancy women try to keep their stretch marks to a minimum. Some treatments they use are coconut butter, Vaseline (do not know if this works) and steroid cremes "AFTER" they give birth. If you are scratching a certain area and you see what looks like stretch marks see your physician. These rashes maybe something radically different than stretch marks. Thank you for allowing me to comment.

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