There are some people who are very comfortable driving at night. 

Are you among such people? 
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I prefer driving during the day, night is not my preference. Not unless it is dark like pitch dark that i can drive because there aren't too many cats on the road you can drive comfortably without oncoming vehicles that sometimes blind a driver because of the full lights.

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I don't know how to drive yet but have tried.My partner who always drive for us wherever we go. Sometime ago every once a month we need to travel to his mother's place which 3-4 hours away from where we live. We always travel at night. I am sitting in front next to the driver seat, and I can't barely see the street signs.I notice most signs especially the white color, I could not read it properly.  I don't wear eyeglasses and never been prescribe by a doctor. I even passed the eye test way back when I first took my learner license. So, I am still wondering if I needed an eye test so I can drive at night using prescription eye glasses.

For the meantime, I don't want to drive at night especially if I am not familiar with the road. I am still willing to learn how to drive but not during the night. Especially there are some bad drivers on the road and doesn't care about theirs and other lives.
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The truth of the matter is that driving at night is very risky if you don't know how to drive well and use your headlights. 

Also, if you are not very familiar with the roads, it's very risky as well because you can jump into big potholes on the road and it may damage your bottom plate. 
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Yes, as a driver, there is no time of the day I can't be behind the wheel. Night driving even seems ideal for me especially if it's short distance journey, because it allows me to drive more freely with little or no traffic on the road. Basically, the city I am based is know for one thing which is traffic congestion. It is so bad that people with cars leave their cars at home to avoid being stuck on traffic.
The main reason I guess I can drive at night is because I don't have any eye defect that would have prevented me from driving at night. I have the clearest of views when behind the steering wheel. One thing that can actually prevent from driving at night is long distance journey, because at night, driving to a far away place seems to be pretty risky, as one might get waylayed by armed bandits because they are more viciously active at night times. That's why I rarely drive at night so that I don't fall a prey for their sinister activities.
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Actually, I enjoy night driving as well for one single reason alone which is having the road very free with less or no traffic jam.
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I do drive at night if need be but it not as if I'm really comfortable driving at night not with the blackout most days on the streets in my location.The big problem my country is facing is maintenance culture. One thing is to have a thing in place and another is to maintain it.

There are street lights on the roads but some days the light are totally off throwing everything into total darkness and even at home no light too, so even the security light are off too, so the road become a bit difficult to drive at night. Another dangerous thing is the bad roads and potholes everywhere I almost ran into a huge pole the other day on way back from a vigil . I saw the huge pole very late but God having it I was still able to swerve to my left on time to avoid a collision.
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If you properly maintain your automobile well and have both your car's full light working well, you don't really need the street light for driving at night.

Although, I must admit that the street light is good for security reasons and seeing who or what is on the road. 
If the car lights were all we needed then there wouldn't have been need for streetlights. Streelights are installed for a purpose I believe.
Definitely, the street light serves a purpose but in the days when there was nothing like street lights, don't people drive at night?

It's the reason why I say that it's the car head lights that are very important. 
I'm sure street light came for a purpose,to fix the issue risk night drive better. All the same I still get your point. 
Alright my friend. I'm glad that we came to an understanding. Definitely the street lights made night driving to be very safe and better. 
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Yes, I'm among those who love to drive at night especially at late hour of the night when road is free or a bit free without much vehicles on the road. I preferably love night journey to the extend that many people in my area know me for it. People won't see when you're leaving and your arrival will be undetected. When driving a car at night you must learn to careful and always be at alert. Because anything can çross your path easily which is capable of she accident. You must have a good eyes with sound ability to manage light reflections to the eye. The car light must be very good and bright with perfect deem/distance range options. The deem will be used when the road is fee or within normal driving speed and people are present while the bright is used to detect if there is any obstacle ahead in a distance.
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Personally, I don't like getting stuck in traffic jam for too long. It's actually one of the reasons why I love it at night because the road is more less congested. 
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While there are people that may not really feel fine driving at night, I think that I am one of those that will always enjoy a ride at night since it is that period when there is less people that are on the road. One more thing that I have come to understand about driving at night is that you are going to avoid some traffic situations as you will get to see the need not to rush things as well.

This is something that have got to do with doing a ride in the night which is not as easy as we can see. Also, there are chances that you will get to your destination quickly when you drive at night especially when the road is free and smooth as you get to see a whole lot of persons that are not really that cool with driving at night having to ride during the day. So, I think that riding at night is a great thing to do.
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In as much as it's faster and easier to drive at night because of less traffic, we should also be considering the risks that are involved as well.

People get robbed at night, their cars stolen, kidnapped etc. 
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Oh no am not one of those people. This is one of the driving part that i have issues with. I literally struggle when it comes to driving at night. It is hard when you are driving to control how other people drive on the road. It is actually true that there are people who have no idea about road rules, they just drive because they know how to drive. But we ought to follow this rules to the latter for your own safety and the safety of others. When you ignore this rules, then it becomes a problem for other road users. The reason why i don't feel comfortable driving at night is because of those people who do not follow the rules. My problem is the deeming of lights, when an on coming car is approaching you are supposed to deem your lights so that you don't blind the driver but what do most people do?  They decide to put the full lights, and that blinds me which is very dangerous, so i would rather drive either when it's pitch dark or during the day.
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No. I am comfortable to drive at Night. In such unavoidable circumstance only I do drive at night. I do feel sleepy in Night times. I have 10-6 Sleeping scheduled sleeping hours. 
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