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Are there online jobs that can be done using smartphone?
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As long as the site is mobile friendly, you can access it using your android device. 

Answeree is a mobile friendly site, Postloop, TheForumWheel,, BMF, and Swaggerbucks.

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I'm using my Android phone to work online and there's no earning site I can't work with my Android phone. You just have to get a good andriod that has about 2-4GB RAM that has enough internal memory, has a good battery and a good charger because working online and using the phone and internet all the time with it, will quickly diminsh the battery level with every passing hour. If you have these in place then you are sure of working just fine online with your Android phone.

Sites like Postloop, microworker, Swagbucks,clixsense, forumcoin, forumwheel, fiverr,,picowo picoworker and Yourcashchat can be done with just phones.
So just get to read about each of those sites and just sign up.There are all free and legit.
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This is and I am reading, answering and replying questions here from my smartphone right now .I'm trying to say that this is one out many other sites that I access using my smartphone and it is always nice easy and convenient to carry around unlike personal computer.

Outside paid to post forums, question and answer sites, there are applications that you can download on your smartphone from your App Store they are called money making apps. Some offer surveys, games, trivia, downloads etc for points that you can redeem for cash.

You can also trade on cryptocurrencies, claim and mine using your smartphone. You can do virtually everything with your smartphone because money making sites always have mobile versions.
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There are countless number of websites where you can earn using your android smartphone, as long it has all the features that would enable it to access the site without glitches, you are good to go. But first of, you need to acquire the skill sets that'll qualify you to work on these sites, because you wouldn't want a situation whereby your smartphone is ready, but you can't cease the opportunity to deliver on a given task due to lack of the requisite expertise needed to get it done.

As for the phone, you need a smartphone with good RAM of about 2GB and above, and of large internal storage space. Efficient processor of the phone is also highly needed, if possible it should have an android version of not less than 7.0.

Some of the sites you can use your smartphone to work on are answeree, because as I am answering this question, I am using an android smartphone in doing this, which I guess so many other members are doing same everyday. Other sites you can check out are: freelancing sites, survey sites, forum like zwerl, swagbuck etc.

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