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Google plus is now became a hub for spammers. Almost all communities are filled with x rated contents due to the lack of moderation. If Google is going to shut down Google plus then what will happen to my Google plus brand page and it's followers?

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They will disappear and all will be lost. You'll need to use another social media site to start over. Google + was basically designed to bring people and companies together. This was a network similar to Facebook and Google tried their own version. They basically give you many of the same options as Facebook, with one minor exception, you'll need a Google account to access this site.

If Google wants to keep this site opened they will need to moderate and clean it up. When people are left on their own to post and add whatever they want without any control this is what you get in the end. Anyone found violating the terms of service agreement should have their accounts shut down and banned from the site. There should be a reporting method in place where anyone can report such a violator and Google will take the actions necessary to correct this problem.
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I have seen several communities on Google plus filled with x rated contents. There is an automatic spam filtering by Google itself. But these filters are a big blunder and failed in this case. It happened mainly because of the lack of manual moderation or absence of moderators. There is no official announcement as of now Google is going to shut down Google+. But one thing is true that engagements on Google+ are now at its very low level. That may be happened because of design and complexity of the site. Hope Google will improve it.
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Google Plus has been kind of dead for the last couple of years. In fact, it never really took off like other brands such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. It would definitely make sense if it became a spammer's hub, and it's very likely that it'll be a ghost town like MySpace in a couple of years.

As for your second question - if you're afraid of losing followers of your site, you can build a site on Wordpress or Wix, then tell your followers to move there. Or move to social media platforms like Tumblr and Instagram, with large user bases to grab a larger audience. If you don't, there's a large chance that you'll lose those followers, so be sure to tell them where to go so they can follow you elsewhere!

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