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My dream business is a tutorial center for children also copy and print business since we are near schools
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I always wanted to have my own sweet and bakery business, I know how to bake stuff but I wanted to learn more and explore more of it.
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Production has been my drive for a very long time now and I have never given up on it yet. 

So, I'm still working up my way through getting my little factory up and running. 

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My dream business has always been to have an accounting consulting firm.I want to practice as a consultant and let out the potential in me.i have got them bottled up for so long.I couldn't even do one-quater of what i wanted to do because my boss always had his own ideas and felt things should be done that way though sometimes too he always look at my blueprint but I just want to do more.
I'm undergoing some certifications now which will qualified me and the license to operate as a consultant. So I'm still looking at this side of my business latest 1/2 of next year, I should be able to finish the set up and start practising.

It always good to have one's business that is the best way to make good money and also help put one's potential and talent to work.
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Thats so cool. You have already taken the first step which is very important. I wish you all the best.
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My dream business is to invent a food that is healthy, affordable, always available and it is okay to the younger and even oldest people. I want my food product to be wholesome, so that everyone will buy it. I will start to make a healthy burger. I will use mushroom as the burger and wheat bread as the patty. I will also make fries out of sweet tomato. I will make a ginger solid iced tea. I will also make a chicken macaroni and Caesar Salad that surely will make the children love. I dream of that business for so long. I just need a money to invest and start this business. I have friends who love this kind of business. We just need to have our money add up and start this business soon. I think this will become successful in a place where there are lots of people.
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When i was growing up i would have never thought i would have to answer such a question but now i am happy to. All we would be told then was to study pass and we will get great jobs. No one was there to tell us entrepreneurship is the best to go for.

Back in university Robert Kiyosaki book Rich Dad Poor Dad became the talk in school and i had to read it. Little did i know this would be the start of my business journey. It provoked my thinking. I went ahead to read more of this books series and i started having business mind. I got employed for about two years and now i own a small grocery. However this is not yet my dream business but i consider it as my first lesson in business.

Right now i have two big business ideas where one is about children and another about physically disabled. This is where i know my heart lies. Taking my time to do my survey and set myself for a big start.
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I have two businesses that I have in mind and one of them is the business of being a psychologist to a group of footballers. I have always being a keen follower of football teams and I have observed that the players always go through a whole lot of challenges especially when they are not performing at the high level. It is for this reason that I have decided that I will learn more on the human mind and find out ways that I can push to help them improve mentally.

The goal of every footballer is always to perform better and win games and this is something that I will be helping them to achieve as well. Furthermore, the other business that  I will have to do is the real estate business since I always see the business of being in charge of houses as one that is lucrative in this part of the world.
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Have you ever heard of the concept of jack of all trade? This is something that is very common with most African countries, they always have this mindset of trying virtually everything out and how funny things gets on the long run, they all end up not being a master of any particular trade.

I have had my experience with trying out more than one trade in the past and I must confess to you that it wasn't a good experience because none of the business ever worked out. So, after such adventures, I quit wasting my time, resources and energy in such business, then focus on one business which has been my dream for a long time now. The business which I'm talking about is running a detergent company. I have the skill to produce on a small scale but I'm looking at expanding.

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