Why God allow problems and difficulties in life? Why don't God spare us from troubles?
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In the religious world, it would be said it's for our faith to grow stronger in God. If we have everything easy, we might turn to neglect God's existence. 
The problems are the challenges that will test your inner feelings, emotional capacity, physical strength, and faith in God.

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Problems are important aspects our lives. We can't wish them away by asking God, please take these problems away from me. It doesn't really work that way. Problems are designed to put our faith to test. Without problems, you can't tell how strong you're as a faithful person. And without problems you won't see the need to stretch your faith by believing that God can help you through moments of trials.

More importantly, once you start having problems, you will know that the corresponding solutions are around the corner. All you need to do at that moment is to remain determined and dogged in your faith. By so doing, the solution to your problem would be provided by your Maker.

Lastly, never for once be worried by any problem you are facing, because the Bible said "if you faint in the day of your adversity, it shows that your faith is small." What do you do in moments of problems? You have be steadfast in your faith, believing the God you serve would never fail nor let you down.
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As a Christian I want to follow the ideals and teachings herein in the holy Bible.God never promised us a free ride on Earth.he said that we will faced trials and tribulations but we should always be of good cheers that he has overcome the world and I want to believe that everything happens so that his name will be manified. Look at the miraculous stories in the Bible, those happened in time past and God always shown up in no little way to glorified his name. So same is happening now. If we don't encounter stress and problems how would we believe that God is more than able and he is alive and on the throne.

Personally I believe problems are part of life to build and strengthen us and our faith in God.We don't need to fret when we encounter problems of life.
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Exactly! It's even written in the holy Bible that faith without work is dead. So, we are expected to meet challenges in our lives to help us strengthen our faith in God.

Remember that God's command, if you love me pick up your cross and follow me.
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The purpose of the problems is like the stone that will be thrown at us. It makes us remember our decision and realized if it is wrong or right. Mostly problems teaches us a lesson, that will surely make us be careful with making our decisions. It makes us a better person because of that lesson. It makes us inspiring because surely when someone needed an advise, we are there to share our experience and we might teach them the right thing, for them to avoid problems. Problems is make our life meaningful. Problems makes us sad, so we will appreciate happiness once it is solved. It makes us brave. It makes us remember who we are and what we want to be. In our darkest times, we will know how it is hard for us and how strong we could be during that time.
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As much as I want to go the direction of everyone else who believes problems are some type of test sent to us by God, am afraid not all problems has to do with faith or religion. Some problems are purely based on individual errors or mistakes. I often don't like the notion where people simply bring in religion or faith to cover up for issues which clearly do not have anything to do with faith. If people from all works of life always thought this way, then mankind wouldn't have achieved as much as we have today. Maybe we'd still be stuck in the stone age without a solution to the problem of eating raw foods.

I had problems getting admitted into college because I didn't make my papers, which was simply because I didn't study before taking my exams. A person who is faced with this type of problem surely won't think it's a test from God. Because no matter how much faith you have in God, you can't pass examinations without reading. This is just one instance on certain problems which I believe has nothing to do with faith.

Problems in my own opinion are natural phenomenum associated with both humans and everything around us. Just like life and death, most problems are unforeseen and can occur at any given moment. Without problems, man wouldn't have gotten to the point of advancement we have today. I like to think that almost every piece of technology we use today was thought of and created as solution to certain problems faced with man at some point.

The same said above can be related to some of our personal problems too. If you keep an open mind, you'd realize that most of our personal problems are caused due to our neglegience or lack of ability to foresee what problems will be faced tomorrow following our actions today. You just name it, almost every problem we face has some form logical explanation which can often be proven.
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I think problems emanated from the fact that human wants are insatiable and human being are openly and secretly not equal both in leadership and d everywise.
Some problems are created personally while some are created by the society and nature. The problems that are personal are created by individuals due to desires and wants. The  individuals  inability to separate wants and need in accordance to available resources. Many people cause the problem they are facing due to carelessness and imitative life style.
Also there are certain problems that are societal or general in nature.they are not peculiar to individual and usually caused by leadership and environmental. Some hardship and exaltation by the government is usually the cause of this kind of problems. The carelessness of the leaders led to much sufferings.

In conclusions, I believe no problem is ever permanent and once one know the problem, the antidote or solution should be the major target.
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It is only human to think that God allows problems to occur and doesn't spare us from the hurting situations. Actually, sometimes, problems are only as a result of our own mistakes, ignorance and disregard for certain things. It is like how this life is give and take. You'll get the result of the amount of work you put in.

That is to say that, it is not always that God lets things happen to us. If you don't work hard to earn money, it is only natural that you'd be lacking so many things in life. Even the basic necessities and that becomes a problem that needs solution.

I think we should always give situations our possible best. Only after that should we say that it may be a test from the Almighty and whatever the case may be, we need to have faith always.
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To make us understand that he is with us always and wants us to have so much faith in him that come whatever be, my Lord is with me and I can tackle any situation that my Lord tests me with!!!!! 
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