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There are thousands or millions of blogs on almost every topics and many of them are of high positions in search engine rankings. As age of a site is important is there still any scope of winning a successful blog?

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Blogging seems to still be one of the major income generates for online business. If you have a niche blog and can keep the blog current and updated it will generate income for you. Once your blog has been established it is time to sign up with a few affiliate websites and promote and sell their products and services on your blog site. Another great way to generate income is by selling ad space on your blog site.

Today blogs are still important and people seek information online. If you can provide what they need and help them out then you can succeed as a blogger online and generate a nice income for you each month. Take example the blog called Penny Horder. This was started by a college student who was broke and had no way to pay his rent. He started to write blog posts about how he can pinch a penny and how he can save money. This took off and now this blog site is worth millions and he no longer writes on the site but pays people to do this for him.

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