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It is very strong word but, we witness the world is so unfair. Too much going on around us and we seems don't understand why this is happening.
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We can never seems to understand what is going because of the situation we all find ourselves in. 

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The word hate can be defined in two ways. The first meaning will term hate as an intense feeling of dislike and aversion. Meaning the individual dislike towards anything to the point of avoidance. While the second will mean passionate dislike and feeling of enemity. Hence, I'll like to state that there's two types of hate. I call them the minor and major hate drawing from the standard meaning of hate as stated earlier. 

A minor hate is one possessive character or behavior towards something, someone, an object or anything else as long as the word hate implies. This is the type of hate everyone exhibits now and then, it's sort of a harmful hate or dislike to be precise. "I hate dirt and dirty people".. This is a typical example of a minor hate statement or behavior which is generally common amongst all people. 

A major hate on the other hand is what drives humans apart. Am sure this the type of hate you had in mind when you came about this question. This type of hate as defined in the word is the passionate dislike towards a particular groups of people. Now, am not sure how some people come about such hate, I can maybe relate it to personal grudges, nurturing and probably psychological state of mind. But am sure about this type of hate is that it has the driving force to compel violent behaviors, as far as murder towards the hate target.  

If you take away religion, race, cultures, and some other forms of geo-political groups formation, maybe the world would have less major hate towards one and another because those are the factors that sets humans apart. If maybe the while world was one big region without diversity, we probably won't be experiencing so much hate as we see today. 

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Oh yes! I have always said that, the differences in religion, race, tribe etc, are the major cause of the problems in the world. And apparently is why so many people are hating on their fellow men.
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I think we can point this to the direction of self love.people are titling toward self love now and trying to hit and hate on the next person.i know of a friend that hates crowd infact any place that there are too many people and I asked him why,he was like 80% of people there will be hating on one another and he hate to be seen in such places.He is trying to conserve himself from going through any emotional breakdown due to maltreatment or pains that might be thrown at him. Well,I perfectly understood him and hope some day humans will be more humane to the next person.

People are going through alot because of the wickedness of others. Life is naturally unfair and as such it only humans that can make it a better place for ourselves. Living a complicated life isn't the best.
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Indeed,living a complicated life isn't the best. But do you think the situation we've created for ourselves through this self love leading to hating, is going to get better?
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Why not,the only constant thing in life is change. All we need do is to have this love for one another and life would be better. 
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In a world where you have people of different faces, color, tribes, races, beliefs, religion, ideas etc, it is only natural to have misunderstanding that will lead to enmity and ultimately hate. As humans, when we do not agree with certain ways, we naturally develop dislike for it.

Now hate is a really strong feeling that stirs from our personal dislikes when we don't keep it that way, when we let this feeling of dislike grow into something sinister. If we all learned to respect, tolerate and understand other people alongside the way they choose to live, there'd be less hate in this world.

Respect for others is very important. We need to understand that people differ and we can't force certain ways up on others else hate will flourish.
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Hatred is no doubt fast growing across the world which is as a result of so many reasons.

Selfish interest,  in today's world majority of people are mostly concern about the immediate family or self,  they want to be the pillar to everyone such that no one succeed more than them,  they hate people around them to an extent that don't the help the needy arrounds especially people with great potential.
The magnitude of the sins that are been committed on daily basis has reduced the mercy of God on our existence such that evil has built it house on many such that they don't mind killing their fellow human,  Scam them of live earnings with out conscience. Human beings created to each other brother keeper are now broad day light enemies to each other.
Religions and races,  these are very big weapons of constant hatred that degenerate from the continent down to small communities, so much religious and ethnicity crises leading to loss of lives on daily basis.
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I was reading one philosophical book and came up on one quote made by a scholar who opined that human being are flawed creatures and as such they can never be perfect in anything that they do or participate in. He went further to explain that the insatiable nature of man is what keeps pushing them to being more greedy, selfish, wicked and evil.
After reading that book, I took another dimension in how I look at the world and if you are very observant, it's definitely going to be crystal clear that all the evils and wickedness perpetrated in the world today are done by man to their fellow human beings without having any form of remorse about what they have done. If they even get the opportunity to do more, they would still end up doing worse.
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There are lots of hatred in the world because some people prefer money and power over love. Some people experienced a lot of problems and they envy some people because they thought that some people are living their lives to the fullest but the truth is. some people are good in carrying their problems and they never stop fighting for what they deserved. When you have these kinds of sins, like lust, envy, pride, selfishness and jealousy, for sure you are planting lots of hatred in your heart that you can function normally because you want to take advantage when you are disadvantage. They choose power over love. Power means they will never be the least people that will be poor, or hurt in this world. Some hatred comes from not forgiving themselves from being a human.
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The hatred in the world is so much that one will start to wonder if we are actually all human and if sane blood runs through oour veins. Some times ago there as family of four children comprising oof four boys, three were from the same mother while the last is the son of the last wife. They were actually growing together until when they noticed that the last son is always staying close to their father. One day, they eavesdrop him telling the father about his dream of stars kneeling before him. The brothers started envying him and they decided to plot against him to sold him to a trader and after execution of their plan. They all came back home with tears and lied to their father that they couldn't find him. That they searched everywhere.

Just to cut it short, after a long years, the boy they sold became king over them all in that kingdom.

Summarily, people are world not the world. But there is always repercussion.
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