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Zwerl is an online company that pays people to answers all questions asked by their clients in different fields. People that they hired are usually experts in their various fields and this is done using an app. So the app has a messenging interface which will enable a chat between the clients and the expert. One must be very knowledgeable, accurate and fast about answering the questions.

Their payrate is about $8 per hour and they pay  monthly which is mostly through direct deposit. One can work here without limitations as far as there are jobs available through out the day.
To get hired one must have a good typing skills, be very brilliant in a chosen field and should be fluent in English language.
Tools you need are a computer,a smartphone and an internet connection.
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Zwerl is an online business model which uses very field experts to answer questions in various field by connecting tthem to the answer app. The coming is just coming up and building a a site that will deal only with customers needs.. Though there is no much to say about them since there is a lot of similar company like them

All since it is a free chat app where you get rewarded for sharing knowledge. When you chat for free on over 10,000 topics and get cash reward3d by sharing your own knowledge. With academic, health, finance , fitness etc.


Chat for free to 10,0009f people in a matter of second. Also get help from a group of knowledge person when you have a question.

Send photos to illustrate your questions and get better answers.

Favorite ppeople to chat to them whenever you want.

Join rooms to chat with everyone on zwerl about your interest.
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