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Its is only said that there is low risk of using plastic on food and drinks. In supermarkets, they still use this plastics with BPA for packaging. There are two type of plastics that concerned are Polycarbonate and PVC. The Polycarbonate are used to make food storage containers, it will release bisphenol A or BPA that believed by experts can cause serious health problems. And the second one is the PVC are use to make bottles,cling wrap and screw-cap jars. It is hard and rigid type of plastic and to make it soft and flexible, a chemical called plasticizer are added. Also Phthalates and epoxidised sotbean oil (EBSO) are often added and researchers are doubt about the safety of this compounds.

These compounds are risky if you expose for a very high levels and even at lower exposure there are some causing problems to humans body such as infertility, obesity, breast cancer, prostate cancer, hear disease and diabetes.

If you have notice in the market especially the baby bottles,food container,and baby plastics cup are indicated that is it BPA free which is indicates for safety use. But, still we don't know about how danger it is. Plastics are not safe in human health as well as in our ecosystem that cause pollutions and some found dead animals in the ocean. Th plastics are also the contaminant in every river, forest and everywhere, it takes many years before it will melt some may not at all.

It is very important ot be precautious to what we buy in the market today.In other part of the world, eliminating of usage of plastics are being practiced already.
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Plastic are easy to handle and cheap thats why they are used extensively. There is nothing in this world that has no dangers and plastic has its own.Plastic releases bisphenol A  that causes serious sideffects for our body. They can cause cancer ,diabetes,heart problems.

You must have heard dolphins and whales or other sea creatures  are eating plastic thrown into seas. Which is causing great danger to biodiversity. To stop using plastic we need alternatives 
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