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If care is not taken when one feels depressed, it might lead to committing suicide. 

What's the best way to deal with someone that feels depressed? 
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You need to ask for help specially from professional and support from your family.
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Depression can be solved or controlled by reaching out to guardian and counselling unit or discussing deeply with a religion cleric. Also eating good foods!

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Depression is a big untimely  killer that needs to be dealt with,  it is very important for us to know things that cause depression then the possible ways to tackle them.
In the modern world we found ourselves today,  our needs and.desires are in satiable which has brought us anxiety and discomfort on daily basis.
Peer pressure,  disappointments in relationships,  losses business, lack of internal peace in family,  academic frustrations, over reliance Etc are major cries of depression .

The number way to deal with it is to believe the existence and supremacy of God because once this is established you will easily accept certain to be as planned or divine by God and you think less in certain situations.
Depression can also be dealt with if you don't live isolated life such that when you feel depressed, you go and out to interact with people so that certain things can be free off your mind set.  Just a word from a friend or any well wishers  could remove depression completely from a person
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Indeed.Mosy teenagers nowadays suffer in depression due to lack of attention and other causes that are related to family problems.
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I think your submission is nice.But I feel we can spring up our Government to create more open system to guard people and promote enabling environment for people to earn living easily. Because i feel from statistics, most depression emanates from lacking basic needs.
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That is true,  you will discover that in the 1990 most people who are diagnosed to be hypertensive and diabetic are usually above the age of 50 but you see young age of 30 plus with BP issues. 
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Depression to me has to do with the state of the mind trying to processed the problems and issues affecting it at a particular time or period. Alot of factors contribute to depression and some of these factors might just be peculiar and no body is above depression but what people do best is fighting it and living above it.
Depression like every other problem in life need us seeking the right solutions,no need committing suicide because that will be killing a fly with a sledgehammer.Why kill one self because of problems that the solutions is still in sight.

Depression needs one tackling the real cause and facing it. Seek the help of an expert,get a therapy or drugs whichever is applicable but most importantly try to live above it.
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No doubt, there is tendency for people to feel depressed about some certain things due to uncontrollable situations they find themselves in. These situations could be as a result of financial meltdown, health-related problems, and so and so forth. But whatever situation we are bedevilled with, it shouldn't be internalized negatively by allowing it to weigh down on our entire well being.
Realistically, depression is optional. We can either decide to be depressed or be uplifted, the choice is ours. Because we're faced with challenges doesn't mean we should give in to depression. Life itself is unfair, that is a fact everybody must be aware of. So many injustices here and there, people suffering from things they wished not find themselves but they remain helpless about the whole thing. It's crazy!

However, dealing with depression especially if you've given in to it already, is by repositioning your mind from the negative influences or triggers causing the depression. And this can be done by replacing the old negative patterns with positive ones. It's advisable to seek the help of professional therapists who can proffer better solutions to depressive conditions.
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To deal with depression is to accept you are having a hard time living a life. Accept that you are happy. Accept that you are hurting. Accept that there are people living their life and happy and you are not. No room for denying. If you accept that you are hurting and depress, you will not visualize it good for sure. You will feel you don't need to be living anymore because you are death already. To deal with depression is to imagine your life in the dark place, when you are alone and you don't hear anything. If you don't like what you are seeing, then do not entertain depression. You need to help yourself immediately. You can still cry but you need to talk about what makes you cry. You need to ask for help because you cannot do it alone for sure.
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Categorically, depression is a deadly state of mental health and psychologically disturbing. It can damage even beyond the existing cause. If not completely tamed. Recently in my country, a lady or woman; came out if her car on top of a bridge and she jumped into a river and died. Also very recent, a student if a university, in his final year, just committed suicide due to depression. The sad news about depression is that; it begins with disappointment and lost of hope. Of course, every human must taste one disappointment or more in a life time.
Thus, there is not problem wwithout a tactical solutions; if you suspect any sign of depression with any of your family member or close person; first thing to do is to keep close watch on such and individual;  call him or her, let them feel loved and given hope that,"the dream of future should be bettern history of the past". You can also try to solve the problem by contributing your quarter. Take such individual to the cleric of faith he or she belongs to for counselling and preach of implications to allowing depression tto kill as suicidal. Also, if you have money, register the person with a counsellor. Love and hope is the solutions.
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Depression is one thing I believe everyone go through at a point in his or her life.It drains your energy, hope and drive,making it difficult to take the steps necessary to get better.Well,overcoming depression may not be quick and easy,it is far from impossible.

The honest truth is even if your depression is stubbornly persistent and severe and you feel you cannot snap out of it,you have more control over it than you realize.

Dealing with depression requires action.When you are depressed, the tendency of staying isolated and not talking to anyone is high but you need to get up,stay connected with people, families,take part in social activities..this will make a huge difference in your mood and outlook.

Another tip is to do things that relax and energizes you...this include following healthy lifestyle,learning how to better manage stress,setting limits on what you are able to do,scheduling fun activities into your day

Exercising is a great depression fighter.When you are depressed, getting out of bed may be a daunting task but if you want to overcome depression,then you need to get out of that bed.Aim for at least 30minutes exercise in a day

What you eat also has an effect on how you feel.Reduce the intake of foods that can affect your mood and brain(caffeine,alcohol,trans fat,foods with high level of chemicals,preservatives or hormones),don't skip meals,minimize sugar and refined carbs,boost your vitamin B level(eat more citrus food,leafy green,take vitamin B supplements,beans,chicken,cakes

Get a daily dose of sunlight because sunlight can improve your mood

Change your negative thinking habit

If you have tried all this self help tips and you are still feeling depressed, then I suggest you seek the help of a medical professional.
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In my opinion, one of the causes of depression is lack of connection. By that I mean communication and understanding. Depression can come from any aspect of our lives. From studies, to work, relationships, pregnancy and birth etc. The main fuel for this is keeping it all bottled up inside and not talking about it.
This is why therapist always encourage people to talk about their lives and experiences. To say exactly how they feel. That is the power of letting out. You don't understand how much resent leaves you when you talk about things.

I believe a person suffering from depression should always find someone they can confide in. That is the first way to start solving a problem. It really helps the patient in ways more than one.
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One can get rid from depression by following these simple methods like a) depressed person have to develop strong bonding with friends and relatives b) depression may cause due to inadequate sleeping pattern, so, adequate sleeping and other relaxing activity should be properly maintained c) taking essential nutrients is necessary which may reduce depression d) negative thoughts which can cause depression should be eliminated from mind e) manage your time well and set a deadline. Try to complete each task successfully within your deadline.
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Depression can overcome for having a family and friends always beside you .Help you think positive and to be loved by them. And, you can go to a place where you can relax and breath and think positively .
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You should definitely ask a specialist. A verified psychologist should help you. You should also consider calling a support center, just type it google.

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