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Mosquitoes are the real cause of thousands of deaths in the world today especially in Africa. 

How do you take care of your mosquitoes problems to prevent yourself and your family from suffering malaria parasite? 
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There are some ways to do it.smoke your entire house to kill them and clean any stock water that make them lay their eggs and you can plant some minty or lemongrass to make them go away.

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Taking care of mosquito problems, I must admit is one of the most difficult tasks one can ever do. This is so because the menacing activities mosquito cause to human health can't be overemhasized.

Sadly, mosquitoes has been the major cause of deaths in the world particularly Africa continent. And these deaths are prevalent among children due to the transmission of malaria parasite from their parents to them during pregnancy. Additionally, after their births, they are recklessly exposed to the bites of these mosquitoes.

For mosquito problems to be curbed, there must be holistic approach to how mosquitos are prevented from biting their hosts. First of all, we must take care of our environment by clearing the bushes, dislodging stagnant water, clearing of gutters from waste materials; doing all these would keep mosquitoes away, thereby preventing them from laying eggs.

In conjunction with the above practices, mosquito nets should be used in homes. With this, their activities would drastically be reduced. Consequently, the malaria they spread would also be greatly reduced.
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Exactly as you said it.Mosquitoes plasmodium is the cause of several untimely death in the world, causing malaria and destroying a lot of organs in human body. Tue existence if mosquitoes might be difficult to eradicate completely but can be reduced or rather controlled in an environment to a minimal tolerable value.
Some of the things to do are; it is advisable to always çarryout routine sewage disposal perhaps by burning them in the incinerator and by always washing the collection basket appropriately.

Also by cutting the bushes or by spraying with herbicides to kill the entire weed. Since it harbours mosquito too.

One should always wash the places and things that needed to be washed on time and rightfully. And lastly is routine fumigation of the house and environment tto completely kill even those stubborn surviving mosquitoes.
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Thank God none in my family has been sick because of mosquitoes. One of my relatives had dengue fever. Some people die of dengue luckily he survive and was just hospitalized. Sometimes mosquitoes are hard to control. We need to keep our surroundings clean and make sure no stagnant water that can be breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

There are months where we see a lot of mosquitoes especially at night. We always buy a mosquito coils or incense and light it at 5 pm to drive away the mosquitoes at bedtime. We are not using mosquito nets anymore when sleeping because we like open air.

Now we don't see a lot of mosquitoes. Sometimes we use Off lotion to protect us from mosquito bites. Those insects are really dangerous. We should destroy breeding grounds and use chemicals to repel them
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During the time that malaria and dengue is one of the reported reason of death , we went paranoid and looking for something to battle out against mosquitoes. We had mosquito repellant, we cleaned our house, we do not have stagnant water and we are always opening the lights inside our house because when it is dark, the dengue carrying mosquitoes will surely bite you. The solution to the problem should be our focus because we don't know if we have dengue or malaria, unless the symptoms say so. Here in our house, we take care of this problem seriously. We are still battling and thankful it never became a problem at home. I think when your have enough energy and you take care of yourself, there will be no problem but still you need to be careful.
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Mosquitoes are really bad vectors of diseases. They should be controlled in order to prevent contracting diseases, especially malaria. Currently, I am studying in a university in a region where malaria is most prevalent in my country. Therefore, I am obliged to take into account some measures which are essential in controlling mosquitoes.
The first is sleeping under a treated mosquito net. It is recommended by many medical practitioners that people should sleep under a treated mosquito net to avoid the bites by mosquitoes.
Secondly, I am using indoor aerosal sprays in order to kill the mosquitoes. The best one that I like using most is k own as doom. It has a great oduor and so it does not irritate the smell of my room whenever I spray it.
Lastly, I usually ensure that my environment is clean. This is by clearing bushes and draining stagnant water which may serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
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I live in the tropics and mosquitoes can be a problem. In my yard, I keep all the leaves out of the flower beds and rakes up all the time. I also make sure I do not have water around the yard that will attract the mosquitoes to lay eggs in. There are simple DIY mosquitoes traps that you can make at home using a plastic coke bottle and some black cloth. If you have a lot of problems at night and you live in the topics you can use the husk from the coconut to make a small fire to smoke them away from your home. We do this quite often if our neighbor does not clean their yard and we have a lot of mosquitoes that come from their home to our yard. I do not spray our yard because we have dogs in the yard and this is bad for them. I also plant a lot of lemongrass around the outside of my home to keep them away from the house and inside my home. 

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