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In my opinion respect is earned by your attitude and your life style  though there are situation where respect is demanded,  for instance the royale or the kings usually demand for respect because their presence any where in their Kingdom or  neighborhood kingdoms subject all their subject to respect them whether their actions are right or wrong.
Respect earn is naturally because people will respect you regardless your financial status but your personality.  If people entrust some responsibility in you and you are able to deliver to their expectations they will respect your honesty in this case you are earning a respect.
Conclusively,  it is possible to earn respect which by virtue is natural while demand for respect is by virtue of  status in the society which is not real.
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You cannot asked people to respect you but its the person who will respect you no matter what it is. It's a personal choice by individual either they want to respect the person or bot. On the other hand, there are some instances that you need to earn people's respect and you cannot demand it. Right for example, if you are known by public you have to gain people's respect and maintain it or you will face critics. You may gained people's respect but, once you made a mistake, that respect will gone.
In this world we live in, sometimes it doesn't matter if people respect us or not as long as they don't do anything that will harm you. The only important thing is your family and friends matter because they know you who you really are.
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Respect is earned and not demanded.Any respect that is demanded will come some with  reluctance and a bit of insult because if we begin to beg any one for what is due to us then we are already down playing or downgrading ourself. I personally, don't ask or demand for respect from any one whether old or young person but my actions and deeds speaks and stands for me whether I will be respected or not.

Earning respect comes from minding one's business and only getting involved only with what concerned one's.

Another means is by also respecting others.No body want to be insulted,if one needs to be respected then one should also show respect to others.

Lastly,one shouldn't always expect too much respect but just believe you will be respected and move on.
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You don't demand respect from people, you Command respect and if you have a good command of respect, you'll earn a lot of it. By command I mean your actions, behaviors and manners towards others. It is something that naturally comes to you because people will act in accordance to your attitude towards them.
It is not uncommon to see that a person can be respected by certain groups of people while another group will have total disregard for the same person. It is because of the different attitude that we display towards different people.
It is important for you to start by respecting your own self first, then others can follow. If you don't respect yourself and extend it to others, not even a child will respect you and when you have respect for yourself, how others take it doesn't really matter.
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