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I have notice that also, probably because they already reach the minimum withdrawal before December 22. I have notice also the other new members here are not active either. I am trying to answer 7 questions in a day so I can accumulate the minimum cash out before next month. But, I'm too far away, imagine you can only earn $.70 in a day and you have to wait more than 3o days to earn $30. This is a slow income site but better than nothing I guess.

I have noticed that the top active for the month are only few compare to a thousand members here. Its like 1% of total member are active. And maybe this is because the new site will lunch too by next year. And I think everyone is waiting for new system and new level of earnings. I am looking forward for their new sites, too.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,003 points) 6 10 19
I have noticed too and it actually points to one direction of course the withdrawal deadline where one need to get to the minimum payout of $30 on or before Dec22  or else it will have been a total waste of time.So alot of people that feel can't gather that much points within the stipulated time will have to quit by now because it wouldn't make any economical sense to have about $28 in your account and you can't get paid. So everyone is trying to play safe by standing by now and see what happens by next year.
I'm very sure if the site had agreed to pay everyone despite the amount anyone has in his or her account or given a much lesser minimum at least only for this month and also increase the posting limit it will have been helpful and made both the top posters and New comers get busy on the site.
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I have also noticed that too. There was a time when I would see certain names recurring on all questions on the site. These members were the most active members on the site. However, when I started to notice their absence, it wasn't at a time when they could not make up the limit. Perhaps something else although that isn't ruled out.

At some point, old members were complaining about the quality of questions and answers on the site and also the few changes that were made before now. Perhaps the rules are no longer favourable for them.

Some members also seem to take breaks at intervals. They come back afterwards fresh and renewed. I know many members here that lose interest and then come back again revamped after sometime.

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