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I feel positive today. I want to believe God is so good. Even if He allows problems they are few compared to all the blessings we receive and will receive in the future. So I rejoice when I begin to count my blessings they are greater than my problems. God is powerful He will take care of all our problems
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If you think that there is more problem than blessings, that us what you think, but if you look around you there are more blessings mire than you think of.

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God is indeed very powerful. He has the power that no one else has to bless us immensely. If only we learned to count our blessings every single day, we will have more to be thankful for. Sometimes blessings come in disguise and we are too busy worrying that we fail to recognize the big things that come in small packages. To have life alone is indeed a blessing.

I've read countless times that God lets problems on those he knows are strong enough to handle them. For every problem on earth, there's always a solution for it and when we don't find these solutions easily, it simply means that we need to be more steadfast in prayers and connected to the almighty more than we already are. Problems strengthen our faith in God to grant us the best.
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Definitely,I totally agree with you.A saying goes if we can't thank God for what we have we should thank him for what we have been able to overcome. It just that we humans are just too sensitive to our problems that we sometimes magnify them and focus more on them than on our gifts. If we begin to list our blessings we will be wowed at what God is doing and will continue to do. I was once very sick and needed to be on oxgyen for about three hours I know the amount of money I paid just for those three hours. But we are here taking in oxgyen for free 24/7 without getting shortage even if it for even a spilt second. If we were to buy this I don't think most people will ever have the money to buy it. This alone is a miracle we should always be thankful at all times.
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Yes wowed at Gods provision and miracles. Sometimes we dwell more in our bad lucks that we forget the many good lucks we have in this life. So don't worry a lot God has many blessings in store for us and he will fix those few problems we have
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The blessings and mercies of God are infinite and that is why we are still existing till date.
The problems are far below the blessings we get from God for those who knows.
The food we eat today are mostly grown from ground and it is the blessings of God that enables them to germinate and grow in volumes that will be enough to feed our families and also sell to get money to care of other domestic responsibilities.  God has blessed us day and night for us to be active and also relax when needed,  despite our sins we still ask from Him and gives us our desires at the right time.
If every body is to sit and count between God's blessings and challenges in the form of problems each person will discovered that there more blessings than problems.
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There is more blessing than problem but because a lot of people are stress, they notice more the problems than the blessing. When we are focused on what we needed, or what we thought we needed, we will be blinded by it and we will not notice anything about God gave us. I do believe that God gave us what we truly needed. Since we into our plan and making our goals happen, when it is not happening, we felt that we are having problems than receiving some blessings. Problems have purpose, that is too correct our decision to lead us to the right path, or the right decision. God is in control if we just allow it. Actually sometimes, even if we don't ask, he is giving everything we needed, but we only see those that we are waiting to happen to us.
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Honestly, I am so excited about this question because I've been basking in this euphoric mood, that God's blessings are sufficient for us to surmount whatever problems we are faced with in life. He words made us to believe that his blessings will chase us down, and this is indeed a fact that most people are not cognizant with. That is why most people are confused, which inevitably plunge them into state of depression because they don't know that their problems are not for them to be worried about.

Unfortunately, so many people are suffering because they don't know the blessings of what their God has in store for them. They remain stressed out thinking that they have to do everything by themselves to go through life challenges. The Bible said that, the race is not for swift neither is the battle for the mighty.

Once you are accustomed with the truth that God's blessings are more than your problems, you will start living from the place of peace. Do your thing diligently, but don't think that you have all it takes to make everything happen all by yourself.

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Let's not get carried away at all because if we are being realistic about how our world today is shaped by events that are going on, it would be very obvious to see that the world and a big majorly of the world's population are suffering from hardship and frustration. There is tension all over the world and with a new threat of breakout of the third world war which would wipe out the entire world should the war take place. So many Muslim countries are having internal conflicts that are resulting to the killing of millions of people. Take for instance with what is happening in Syria, Lybia, Yemen and so on. There are already cases of genocides going on in such countries and still nothing is done about it. But we are still going to be hopeful as long as we are alive, our blessing is definitely going to come.
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Utterly, there us more blessing than problems in the world we are living today because no greatful heart has being able to count the number or amount if blessing on him/her even for a day, but since the heart of men is shallow and narrowed to desires and wants many dont even see the specyiality in living.  S9me sees it as ordinary thing forgetting that same road you ply few minute ago is the same road someone ply last and wishes to ply more.

Our blessings is so much that we can eat, drink, sleep, breath and just mention but few. We are really endowed and blessed with ability to bring succour to problems and adjust situation with initiatives, we have ability to even reproduce and care. And very importantly ability to worship and be contented.

However, problems also exist in our life's, bu5many of them are self created and othe4s could be imaginary and environmental. Meanwhile, problems are not good things but they exist to spur us to greatness.

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