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This question is a part 2 and continuation of the original question here by @Chrisking

In my attempt to answer the original question, i gave points on some the major reasons why I personally feel there's so much major hate in the world. Some of those points were religion, race, tribe etc. My answer was concluded by stating that if most of those factors mentioned as points weren't existing, then the world might probably be experience only minor hate - individual disliking character or behavior towards anything to the point of avoidance. Luckily for me, the question asker agreed with moat of my points. 

Now, imagine a very futuristic earth where more than 70% of nature and population were destroyed by nuclear war or some other form of human made apocalypse. The remaining survivors decided to eliminate all previous human beliefs in an attempt to have a new world order like in the movie hunger games. 

Do you think religion will have a place in such world? 

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The way some people practice their religion is so wrong and cannot be justified.

Any religion that does not preach tolerance is not worth practicing at all. When you end up killing all around you, how will you then live all alone?

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Maybe yes and maybe not. Let's say the population was actually wiped out over 70% and there was a new world order without religion. Keeping in mind that there are also other factors apart from religion that stirs this major hate that we talk about, so ideally for order to prevail, humans beings would still be classified. They would be put into groups, leaders will be elected and there would be rules and protocol.

All of that system of classification may be based on certain factors and criteria. That alone will already be creating apparent differences within the population. People would become more aware of differences and individuality. In essence, even without religion, we might still be saying the same story.

It is true that religion and race and tribe causes the major problems of today but those things are indeed the things that define many of us even unconsciously. I'd say we make our around these things.
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I very much agree with you on this about religion being one of the major things that stirs up tension in the world today. 

Millions of people have been killed all in the name of religion. 

Take a look at what the Islamic extremists are doing all over the world. 
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Well,despite the fact that we have different religions in the world I still always believe that the problem isn't the religions but the people praticising it. I don't believe any religion is bad because looking at the preaching of each it always about good over evil but humans just love evil and give a bad name to religion they belong to. So even if 70% of people should be wiped out and new people come with with or without religion but still isn't doing and acting good, there will still be evil and hatred in the world.
Religion is suppose to emancipate humans from hatred and evil and not the other way round but humans have refused to be lifted. Looking at this issue critically you will realize that humans are just hating on themselves and it isn't about religion.
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What a world that could be. Firat i pray that nothing like that ever takes place on this earth, we would truly be doomed. If i was to imagine 70% going down the drain, it's just like assuming the whole world has come to an abrupt end. That's a lot to loose. How do you even salvage anything? Wouldn't you want to save what is remaining so that you can rebuild from it? How do you start a new when there are no bases to build on. Once you destroy all the beliefs and religions that were there before, so what are you going to base life on, that simply means that life is going to be baseless, it will have no meaning really. Maybe it would make sense if you said all religions should be abolished with an exception of one where people will have no other religion to run to but the one that jas been availed, tbat would work but not all of them.

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