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I was thinking there could be a tab or a way of seeing people thst are online on this site. Sometimes I might just like to ask a member here some questions but it difficult to know who is online. What do you think about this idea? 
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It's a very good idea but I doubt if it's going to be of any good use at all to the site. 

I have seen some sites that are designed to see those who are online but they still have the option of hiding their online status. 

So, what's the use of it? It's absolutely nothing in my opinion. 
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I don't see members here are being online every  time I am here. How do you know if someone is online when there is no indicative that they are?
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Users online and a chat room has been added. See the link on menu
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Thanks for this,this is really a good step in the right good to have a good site admin that's very responsive.

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That would've been fantastic to see those that are online. I've been thinking about this for a while now because there are times I am online, I will feel I am the only one that's here. It would be a nice to see those who are online if possible be able to strike a conversation with them.

Nonetheless, I think the owners of answeree don't want a situation whereby members would be engaging in trivial conversations that has absolutely nothing to do with the purpose of the site, which is q&a. We all know how some of us could get if chat segment was created. Some might decide to be straying from the objective of why they are here.

I think if they thought it would be helpful, they would have taken it into consideration, just as it is with Freelancer website. On Freelancer website, the chat segment is important as it enables the employers to communicate with members on the site if they want to give them jobs. But in here, I don't think there would be need for all that since nobody is in need of the other members services.
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A chat room has been added to Answeree. You can find the link on the main navigation menu

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That is a good idea. We are not only here to earn money, but because we have lots of members in different countries, it is good to make friends. There are some questions that we are not comfortable to ask on Answeree itself, and having someone who are online on time that you remember to ask that question is a good one to have the answer immediately. Sometimes the opinion of the other people counts about the site or some questions in your mind, so it is good if you can see someone online while you are online so that you can talk to them, and know a lot of things from them. You can share your ideas too. I think the purpose is really for making friends with everyone. If you see someone online while you are online, it means you are not alone working on the site.
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See online users at the chat room. See the chat menu on top navigation
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Admin has just resolved this by doing the needful at least we can know those online now which is great.
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That would have been great. I am not sure how the admin here may perceive it. I see this feature on other sites and I think it is good because we always know the people online and those who are away.

The only time I feel the need for this is when I see a member come up with a striking answer or a line of thought and I really want to inquire more immediately. Rather than open up a long thread of discussion in the reply thread, it would have been nicer communicating privately at the time one on one.

Maybe if this suggestion is put forward to admin, they might consider adding this feature to the changes that are going to be launched come January 2019. It isn't such a bad idea after all and it will make members more accustomed to each other.
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A private message system is already there. Now a new public chatroom is added. See the menu for the chatroom link.
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I was going through the main thread where changes are made and I saw where the site owner just mentioned that they have added that feature to the website. This is something that I always like about this site as the admin is someone that listens and try to bring up new features that will make the website to be fun and interesting to everyone.
The reason I see this new feature as one that is good is that you can be able to know who is online and who is offline and that is pretty nice since you will be able to chat them up and ask some questions and other related information that you may want from them. Furthermore, getting to know members that are online can be a way to identify those that are really active and following events on the website.
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That's the whole essence knowing who is online and being able to chat them up.i like the new feature now.

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