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I know some high minimum payout sites tend to be scam but we still have the legit ones like answeree and I think it still a good one since it helps to reduce PayPal fees. Do you like the idea of high minimum payout? 
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I'm only interested in the ones that actually pays. I hate wasting my precious time on scam sites. So, as long as the site pays, I'm all good with it. 
Yes, it would really be great if these sites are legit and not scam.There are a lot of working site that is totally scam even if they will pay you from the very beginning.
We can't still rely on just them paying some legit sites still turn scam at some point. It really for the admin to do the needful by paying everyone that had reached payout
What do you mean by "high minimum" payment? How you are using "high" as well as "minimum"? It is confusing.
You shouldn't be confused when you're already on a high minimum payout site.Some sites pay out as low as $2- $5 but here is $30 which is high as the minimum one can cashout or request for payment. Do you get it now? 
High payout sites are far better provided they are reliable because they save us from high PayPal charges. 

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Yes I can work high minimum payout sites provided certain conditions are established. Condition such as:

The nature of the tasks available : if the tasks available to perform before we can earn through minimum payout is realistic and worth it of course I will be patient to work on such site.
The track records of the site: Though this may be difficult to access on new sites but most times if the site is new I make direct conversation with the admin or the site owner and from his or her  body language I picked few things to know the genuity and my instincts guides me.  If the site is a old one off course I checked out the reviews from forums and google, if they are genuine I join such sites without seeing payment proofs.
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This Is to say a high minimum payout sites need good reputation and integrity to get people to work on even without payment proof. I think answeree is one of such site
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I think it depends on the rate of the site. Mostly, once I registered on the site, I work first then start to consume how many earnings I will get per day of activity. If I already computed it, I will compute the number of days to complete the minimum and how long will it takes to complete it. If I can reach it for a month or if it is realistic to reach it, then I will work for it. If it is not realistic and I don't know how to work on the site to reach the higher minimum, then I will never work on the site. I could be active at first, but it will never be that intensively active to meet the minimum. And also, if there are someone that will prove to me that it could be reach in a specific months, and I will set that person as an example of a realistic earnings, then I will pursue the sites.
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Yes,what will keep one busy on a high payout site is just proof from a previous user that the site is paying no matter the payment rate, without that it will be a problem.
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It isn't such a bad idea as I thought before. I've been used to working on sites where the minimum payout is really low. Could be as low as a dollar or two. So it isn't unusual to find members reaching minimum threshold within a day or two. Like so, I was always getting paid as soon as possible.

However, with answeree and other sites like it with high minimum payout, I had to start getting used to that. It was tough initially but later on, I started to see the advantage of such threshold. It was more like saving and getting paid all at once. It doesn't just save charges, you can easily plan the cash and put it to good use.

It is really no different from those other sites that pay only within a stipulated time once in a month. Like Digital Global Forum.
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Yea,with legit high minimum payout sites it like the site is saving our money for us emphasis on legit here. It also saved one on PayPal fees as well.
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Answeree was never designed to be a high minimum payment site initially but I believe that there was a reason why the administrator or the site owner decided to increase the minimum payment withdrawal on the site.
One thing which I can point out to be the reason for this new development would be to make the managing the forum a bit orderly in terms of handling payment requests. With the minimum payment requirements set at $30, it means that withdrawal wouldn't be sent too often unlike should the minimum payout be set at $5 like some other sites have witnessed.
Another reason would be to get some serious people to be posting on the site. Since before you can be able to cash out, you must have invested at least a minimum of 3 weeks constant posting on the site.
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Well, I will agree with the site not wanting to send out payment more often but by saying it will make people more active I doubt that because I know that have made many people even less active.People get more busy with low minimum sites because of the short duration of payment and minimum payout rate.
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Obviously, it is not all about high minimum payment but are those sites legit to work on, because they are so many scam sites out there that are out to milk dry the efforts of the members. Sadly, we've had so many people who have worked on such sites, and when it was time for them to get paid, they would dash the hopes of the members.

If indeed, we have such sites with high minimum payout threshold, and I am fortunate enough to render my services, the first thing, I will do is to inquire how genuine they are because it is all that glitter that is gold, even foil paper also glitter. My investigation about them probably from reviews online and google would be handy in this regard. And if they are for real, I can then commit to working for them. But if there is no proof of their legimacy, I woud outrightly decline my intention without thinking about it twice.
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Yes,you're right I wrote same on a discussion asking about Answeree payment.The best bet is finding out about how legit a site is,when once it legit enough then it for one to be active and also find out personally. 
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