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Do you enjoy football? There are some men who don't like watching or even playing football but there are women who are so many in love with football. 
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No,not really, but I once watch the game when one of my favorite team played.
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Exactly the same thing with my best friend who happens to be a girl. She only watches football when her favorite team Barcelona plays. 
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I am not really into it. I think i am born with the sport Basket ball is the type of sports I only know I can watch it but some rules of the game, for sure I will never understand it. I rather watch with someone who knows the game or a fanatic person to understand it.

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I'm a great soccer fan more like an addict because I don't just watch people or my team playing soccer I play it myself. I have liked football since my childhood, used to play with my siblings and little friends then in our home field until I got to high school where I joined my school team and started playing both for my house and my school in any competition which could be inter or intra competition.
I can remember winning award for my school then and even nursing the thought of joining a sport academy but life's happen and I dump the idea later but it isn't over for me, it still a burning desires in me anyway.
Football is a very relaxing game that can bring friendliness to other countries even. It can also be  used as an exercise for weight loss too.
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I still play till today, even though it's not as often as I used to play as a result of having too much commitment to be taken care of. 

But I play most times on Sundays. 
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Wow! Of course, I do enjoy football matches. Honestly, my weekend is incomplete without watching football match. I can proudly say that I am a football fanatic, be because it is the only game that I am mad about. Interestingly, I am not only crazy about it as a fan of the game, but also a wonderful player of it. I've been playing soccer game right from when I was a kid. I remembered how I addicted I was to the game that, I used to stay away from home playing football forgetting to eat a whole day.

And this passion for the game hasn't changed a bit even when I became adult. Even though I no longer play competive football games as it were when I was in secondary school, but I am still very much into various forms of sporting activities related to it. I often attribute my fitness to the love I have the game, because it excites me whenever I see how good looking these sportsmen are.
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When it comes to playing and watching football, I must say that it is one of the best feelings that I can have. Right from my younger age, I can go days trying to catch up with times that football games are going to be televised on TV. Right from that period, I developed interest in following Manchester United as a football club as the then manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, ran the club in a way that they play in a United way.

I began watching and paying attention to their games when the likes of Ronaldo, Tevez and Rooney were playing at the top of their games. The way the trio marshalled the attack made me fall in love with the way that the team play their football. I always enjoy great times that they team has won laurels and I hope to be around watching the club winning more games as well.
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I enjoy football a lot that a times I'll be hungry but choose to watch football match. I started watching football match since my tender age. We grew up in an estate where football is so lucrative that every child wish to play and watch always.
Football is the most reason why i seldom get punished by my mom in those days. I sever punishment every evening for leaving house to watch football. I graduated from watching direct soccer to watching foreign players on TV.. I do watch all Laliga and premiere lleague games. So from that moment I picked Manchester United I got to know Gali Neivelle, Vanisterooy and some other great Manchester United players with Sir Alex Ferguson as the coach and manager.

Till thus minute including yesterday, I watch the Manchester uninted match against young boys. It was actually a narrow escape when felani scored the winning goal.

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