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Spanish La Liga 2018/2019 season is already hot as it gets even with Cristiano Ronaldo no longer being in Real Madrid. 

Which team do you think can win the La Liga trophy this 2018/2019 season? 

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While many might be writing the club from the Spanish capital off, which is Real Madrid, I still have the feeling that they are going to challenge for the trophy. One thing that I have noticed about the Spanish league is that you are not going to judge who will win it that easily right from the onset.

There have been seasons where Barcelona won it without being challenged in all ramifications. However, as we can see this season, they are having some bad form as well since they have lost and drawn some local games.

Sevilla is a good team that is closer to the top of the table and while it is going to be difficult for them to win the league, I see the struggle going down to a three horse race that is involving Real Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla.
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It would be too early for anybody to make prediction the winner of Spanish league would be. In spite of all the predictions drawn from the standings according to how the table looks, one can't make accurate forecast who the winner would turn out to be. One thing is certain that one of the regular winners would emerge winner at the end of the season.

From what we've seen thus far in respect to all the matches played, we've known that no single team has been consistent in terms of unbeaten streak. All the big teams have all lost one or two matches both at their home stadium as well as on away turf.

Currently, I know Barcelona is topping the table followed by Sevilla on second spot and Atletico Madrid on third with no Real Madrid even in top five on the table log.
As things stand, let's see how things would pound out till half of the season, then we can start predicting who the winner would be. Perhaps Real Madrid might just stun everyone and clinch the league title at the expense of early table toppers.
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If we are to draw conclusions from the recent ongoing records of the total 13 matches played so far by all twenty teams, I would say it's too early to pick a winner for the La Liga 2018/19 league winners. This is because the points margins for the first 10 teams are too narrow with either 1 point separating a team from the other or no points at all with just goal differences. The first two teams are Servilla and Barcelona with 26 and 25 points respectively. And the same goes down to the first 10 teams. Another thing to remember is that the season has just begun with over 20 weeks of play time left. A lot can happen within this period.

However, if we were to draw conclusions from the performances of individual teams, I would probably say Barcelona or Servilla. Unlike other top teams like Real Madrid who have had a really rough start this season, Barcelona and Servilla seems to be in very good form winning more than half the matches they've played so far. They also seem to be scoring a lot of goals as barcelon who tanks 2 on points also ranks 1 with +16 diff followed by Servilla ranking 2 on difference with +11. Following this record, I would probably pick one of them as possible league winners.

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