I've never had a tick problem in 20 years that I have lived in my home. Recently, I've been finding ticks on my dogs and it is driving me crazy. I give the animals the tick and flea control pills every 3 months and normally this will keep all the ticks and fleas off the dogs. However, this doesn't seem to be working. I have seen ticks in my yard and I want a natural way to get rid of them that doesn't harm the animals or the soil. I don't want to spray my yard with chemicals, I'd rather use something that is more environmentally friendly and won't harm the dogs in my yard? What would you suggest? I'm wondering if mixing a solution of apple cider vinegar, baking soda and salt would be a good idea to spray the yard with. I use this solution on the dogs to kill the ticks and fleas on them. ,
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I don't know which country do you reside and what kind of yard do you have? From the post I assume that it is not a lawn carpet but soil only. If it is the case then the best thing other than chemical treating is spraying a mixture of kerosene and soap water. Simply stir a bucket or two of water with bathing soap until it bubbles like in a bath tub. Then mix some kerosene to it in a proportion of 50:50. Then spray it throughout the yard. Whether it is tick or any kind of insects, no matter they will flee or die in a matter of time. Good luck.
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You are correct in saying I have a dirt yard. I have never heard of this remedy before and I will sure try this tomorrow. There is one thing I don't like, and that is ticks in my yard or on my animals.
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In my experience  i have 3 dogs and have ticks. And even you bath them they still have because of the area is too hot and mich flies and ticks.What did i do is i bought the agmectin to avoid those flies and when i saw it all they are departed and so effective. nice it so to avoid those ticks and flies.
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Ticks like any other living organisms will breed very well and very fast where there is food and shelter. So one way of controling them is by eliminating their horst from them. This can be done by practicing rotational grazing. Rotational grazing alone will not be effective. Visit any nearby agrovet explain to them your problem and they will recommend to you the best and the most effective pesticide to use. Good luck
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Try fumigation to get rid of unwanted insects. If you have a bush around you also try to keep it neat because it could be a point of attraction for insects. Also restrict your dogs from going outside your compound with out your watch.
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There are so many ways to handle this thing. First and foremost, clean the debris in the yard thoroughly. Ticks usually live in dark and moist areas in the yard. The best thing is to call a service that can handle this well. There are some agencies that can do this without any hassles.
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