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Basically, anyone can reach the payout if they put their mind to this one. I know that the site now has a limit on how many questions you can answer each day. This will take more time to reach the payout on the site. However, if you do spend time on the site and can make comments and participate in the other discussion this is possible to reach your goal on the site. You can start off by answering your 5 questions each day. Just make sure you reach the word count so that you can earn the 10 cents for your answer. This will immediately give you 50 cents in your account. Basically each week you can $3.50 on the site for answering 5 questions each day. Now if you make comments on some other discussion you can increase this by 10 to 20 cents a day. Therefore, if you earned 50 cents a day for questions, then another 20 cents for comments that would be 70 cents a day. In a week this would mean that you earned $4.90 on the site. In this instance, it would take you around 6.5 to 7 weeks to earn the payout on this site. I have reached it twice but recently have been way too busy to come here.
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In a week,how we can earn by answering 5 questions as it will give only 350 points .
Thank you, for your explanation. And I think the points we get also depends on which country we belong not sure about it but I think so because someone commented that they get 350 points for 5 questions on another hand I got very less for 5 questions.
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It is still possible to earn that amount before the Dec 22 deadline given by the site the thing will be one being very active on the site daily.Getting  to 3000 points looks huge but if one set his or her mind it is achieveable. We now have 7 answers limit which is about 70 cents and we can do more by earning another 20-30 cents from replies and questions then in the next 30 days one should be able to cash out.

Winners are hard workers and turn  every opportunity to a stepping stone.what others feels is impossible a winner is already on the way to winning. So same is applicable here while you're wondering others are already speeding through.
So start now to be very active you have between now and Dec 22 to cashout and it's really achievable.
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Yes,spending time is great in this lock down here and answering.

Waiting for the first payout.
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Even from today you can still make thirty dollars before the 22nd of December if you put your heart to it. Someone made an analysis of one dollar a day on here and in thirty days, you'd be making thirty dollars. Of course that would take a lot of work but it is still very much possible. If you can answer seven questions daily, do fifteen questions and fifteen replies or any combination, you'll be making that much daily.
Personally, I have less and less time daily and I felt like there's a long stretch of time for me so I barely complete my seven answers daily. However, now it seems like I am running out of time and I have to keep making my posts completely everyday now. Some members are skeptical about whether they'll be paid even if they are close to the minimum amount.
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I already said it to myself before. I was really worried if I can reach 3000 points in no time. I keep on reading everything about it on this site. I observe people who did reached in the soonest time are those that are really active and they are more on Answers that reply. Their answers are even very useful and full of quality. They can even prolong their answer to more than 600 characters. I did what they did and I reached 3000 points in less than 3 weeks before. Before, there are no limits here in Answeree. As long as you are not spamming the site, you will be good. Right now, the site has limits. I think if you want to readily explain your answer from life's experiences and own research, 600 characters is never a problem. Believe me its true.
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I don't think so. I am also newbie. The minimum payout point is 2000, points which is equal to 2 USD. 

If you spend 1 hour daily, you can earn this within 4 days.
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Typing speed do matter a lot and your knowledge because you can't make mess here for long,someday you may be tired.
Wow this is the best answer I have heard today.i want to make arecord of getting $100 aday in this site. It may sound not possible but I'm sure it will be possible to me. I'm not cashingbout before reaching $100
It depends on efforts and hard work that you put on that specific task.
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Yes. I think that i will reach to the required minimum criteria of $ 30. I have answered to get the same. I need 500 points for this.
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Please suggest some techniques to get to the first payout soon as I am new to it.
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It is not $30 anymore. New members reach payout at 2000 points which is equivalent to $2 but after deductions you remain with slightly lower than the $2. Old members should reach 5000 points
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Is it the latest payout feature at this moment of reaching 2000 points,or its 3000.
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 For new members to reach a minimum payout of 3000 points in a span of one month is possible. It can be possible depending with how much time you will be ready to invest towards your monthly goal achievement that means the more time you will be spending on either answering questions or commenting on answers  the more points you will earn as long you follow the rules of the site you will achieve your monthly goal within the shortest time possible.
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As a newbie, I think it is possible to reach the minimum payout if you set your personal goal here. Now, I am about to hit the 2000 points required to have my first payment. I am sure we can do this.
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Actually, it  depends on a person entirely. The more you engage on the platform the more points you earn by answering and commenting. 
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Honestly I think the threshold is too high. At this rate, I do not think I may reach it. $30 after your sweat for like 2-3 months. I believe they should reduce the limit.
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You have to be very consistent to be able to reach that amount and spend a long period of hours answering questions, not all of us have that time, but if you have it ahead
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To get 30 dollars is a hard process here, to get 5 dollars 5000 points is required. For 30 dollars  30000 points is required. Within 3 to 4 months you can get if you spent more time.
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Reaching $30 in answeree is simple and easy,it depends on time you take on answering questions and how serious you are.It can take days,weeks or month.
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