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I see some people really get lucky and I wonder what get them such lucks. Is just a coincidence or what. Because a lot of people works hard but never get lucky. 

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I know some many people would attribute their lucks to so many things like astrological occurences, which has to do with constellation of stars. Some call it the horoscope reading where their zodiac signs possess certain lucky numbers, and if they decide to stick with those figures, their stars might shine on them by getting them the lucks they wish for.

Apparently, I am not disputing this because everybody have their own belief systems and which they are willing to die for. But as for me, I don't share in that kind of belief system. I am somebody who is a committed believer in the worshipping of the true Almighty God. And thus, anything of luck that hits me is always ascribed to His blessings. That's why often say that "I am not lucky but I am blessed." Personal, from experience, I am aware that nothing of luck just happen to me but it has always been God's blessings.
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Is there difference between God's blessing and luck. I think it almost same since both are like unmerited favor. 
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I would say,some people will wear something that they believe it's their luck.Some people will ask for prayers, for guidance and will do ritual for their luck to boost. But, for me, it is really base on what future holds for us. Not everyone born with luck but, I am sure we have our own destiny to become who we want to be and who we are. Sometimes, we don't rely on what makes our luck,it really depends on the hard work and faith we have. If we believe that we can do something with perseverance and determination, then it is possible it will happen. Sometimes we have just to believe we can rather than relying to our luck. Everything in this world has their own place and time to achieve something. Its like a roller coaster, you just have to wait until you reach on top. But, we also have to remember that everything is not permanent, we maybe on top right now, but the wheel will keep turning.
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It like you believe alot in destiny so are you saying that if one was destined to be on the low even if the person works hard, luck will elude the person? 
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I think luck in  my own understanding depend on two fundamental pprinciplespprinciples; Destiny and behavior. And my po8nt is derived from this short story. There was a boy in a village well trained and mannered by tthe parent and truthful to the core. One faithful day, he was going 5o sschool with Hus friend and he noticed he is pressed. He entered into the bush and before he remove his short, he s8ted a bag and he went towards it to check what it could be. Just to shorten the story, he took the bag ful of gold and Mooney. His friend advised him to take it home. But instead, he took it to the village head and the village head summon all the chiefs and the parent of the boy and that of his friend. They announced the special behavior of the boy and just because of him
 His father was appointed a chief and the father of the two friends Aldo got a post each.

From my short story, the good behavior of father transferred to the child and the father became lucky to become what he never dreamt of. Same with the friend's parent.
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Yea,good behavior also helps one get lucky but does this really get one lucky all the time because I know people with good behavior but still meet very people and situations. 
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Seriously, I have asked this question about the mystery behind luck phenomenon and I have received a lot of different explanations from one person to another. Some people would say that luck is a spiritual thing and it affects people based on how their spirituality is designed.

They go on to explain that you would see some people who get into one particular business and within a short period of time, they would become successful and very rich in the business but there are still going to be some people who would get into the same business and do it for years but still have nothing to show for it.
Some people have the opinion that there is nothing like luck at all, stating that it's all about how hard some people work to be successful and how lazy some people are and end up not being successful. It's all about one's mindset.
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Yes, mindset plays a great role in our lives.The holy book records that whatever we set our minds to achieve we can actually achieve it.So I agree with you.
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I am a little skeptical to say that people just get lucky in the real life even without putting in any effort to make something happen. I feel like that is not just the way the universe works. I always feel like you get what is due for you. More like how blessings come at different moments in life. When we least expect them and then we start to imagine "how lucky" we are.
I also believe that prayer and hard work is the fire that ignites the good things that happen to us. We may have sowed the seed of goodness along time ago only to start reaping it now.

There are also many things tied to our blessings and destiny. I like to think of them as destiny influencers- mostly by blood. Imagine if  your parents did a great deal of good to someone and then that person turns out to be a helper to you or maybe your own kids and then you imagine how lucky you must be.
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It seem this run in circles to make to get lucky.But does God's blessings works this way too.
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I do not believe in Luck with myself, but of course I give all the luck to people dear to me. Because i do not believe in luck, it is happening to me. But anyway, maybe it is happening to me because sometimes I expect to be late in some circumstance when I go to work but when I go to time in, I am on time. Sometimes I expect the road to be traffic going home, but then when I am on a PUJ, it is not really traffic. For those cases, I say that I am very lucky. The real deal for me, maybe there are luck as there is a word called luck and it applies or true to some people, they are relying to it, but I am not relying to it. For me, things happen for a reason. If you get lucky then it is meant to happen to you to either appreciate your hardwork or because of the right decision.
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I believe luck is just one's blessings in disguise because it an unexpected event in our lives which is also a blessing to us.
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In my opinion people find luck as a result of different factors. We are all created in a unique way which makes every single being to posses exceptional divinity, some people are born with luck such that every where they go or in anything they do they are always lucky no matter difficult or tedious the task might be.
To some they are not born with luck but through their behavior,  zeal,  resilient,  appearance,  expression and other convincing or attractive personal attributes they are always lucky in all activities they engage on.
Destiny is also another factor,  as this is neither what personal attributes nor in-born will help you get luck but if you are destined to be successful in a particular tasks you will find the luck in it no matter how hopeless it may look before others
by 7 23 75
Do you think we should work at it to get lucky. I think luck is more of an umerited favour if we have to work at it I doubt that to be luck. 
by 3 8 16
Sometimes working toward getting luck catalysed the fact that you can easily find luck in the like direction 
by 7 23 75
I'm sure you wanted to write right direction maybe I might not be too sure about that, maybe it does work. 
by 3 8 16
It was typographical errors,  I meant right direction not like direction. 

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