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Do you think our blessings can be denied or stagnated by any one or situations. Do you think we can leave this world without experiencing all our blessings? 
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It is pretty possible for this kind of situation to arise and I always make prayers that it will never be my portion. I see a world where I am going to experience all the good things of life with zero sorrow added to it. 
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Well, our fellow men can be a stumbling block to our blessings. There are some people who are naturally wicked and evil to the extent they are never going to be happy seeing you be blessed and they would go to any extent to stop it.
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Yea, one's life should just be a blessing and if God has destined it,there wouldn't be a denying. 

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When it comes to spiritual matters, we are all to be very careful how we thread because spiritual affairs is absolutely different from physical phenomenon. When you talk about blessing, I'm very sure that it's not only associated with the spiritual realm but it's also connected to the physical world. In fact, it would right and logical to say that the blessings from the spiritual world is made to be a manifestation by the physical forces of human beings.

Now, we all that are Christians pray for God to bless us. But getting our desired blessing from God is dependent on some variables like how righteous one is and how sinful one is as well. Sin is one of the most strong thing that makes our blessings to be denied. The more sinful you are, the more denied blessing you get.
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The more sinful we are the more blessing we are denied,this really sounds like the fact.
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I completely disagree with you. If you're talking about blessings, they are things that are not in people's hands. Blessings are in the realm of supernatural, therefore, they are not situation dependent neither are they in the domain of people. Blessings can never be denied because the giver of them(God) is not a man that would disappoint by depriving His children the blessings He has promised them.
Scripturally, the Bible said that "far be it from God that He should lie." We can always trust and believe in Him, that whatever blessings He got in store for us would definitely come to pass. Even though in instances, things look like we are not getting what we think we are to get, it doesn't mean that our blessings has been taken away from us. It might just be blessing in disguise for bad thing that would have befallen us.
I have this self-coined line that "what is ours is ours(blessings), the world will only fail in attempting to deny us of them." Although blessings may be delayed but they cannot be denied.
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So are you saying those that didn't live half their age had gotten all their blessings before the die?
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Right before we are born our  life or existence  has been programmed by God of everything we will be on earth including all the blessings.
I don't believe that any body will depart this world without experiencing all blessings that is destined to enjoy meanwhile we should  also note that no one knows  the magnitude of blessings God has put in place through out the person's life on earth.

You will also noticed that if one is destined to attain a certain position in life he or she will attain that position even if it is few hours,  months or weeks for the person to die.
The only time I feel that we may not enjoy the blessings we are ordained to benefit is when we intentionally  sin against God having known the implications of such sins.
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Then who will do the punishing is it Good or the evil. Can God actually punish us his children.
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Off course if the we commit sins and refused to seek for repentance nor forgiveness as His subjects,  the punishment awaits. 
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Blessing is not to be denied or i don't think there is a blessing that will be inside a filter or be monitored before it will be given. Some blessings are something that we are not aware and unappreciated because we are more focus of the things we thought we needed. We have a seminar before at work, it was done when the administration and management were observing everyone is complaining about their blessing. They made a seminar and they show us the photos and videos of the people who don't have a house, a medicine, who are in famine, no parents, no one who cares about and everything that will describe having nothing. After that we made a summary of the things we have like family, clothes, foods money, pets, like those things and then we realized even though we don't have the things we thought we needed, we are still blessed about the simple things we have.
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Yea,one thing is sure we are always blessed though we might not get our desired goal immediately but we are still blessed.
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In this life, I believe that good things always come to those that believe as my Bible will always tell me that believing is the first step towards picking up the blessings from above. I don't always think that there are times that blessings will be denied especially when we are looking at not following the principles of God.

God that is I heaven will always tell us in his words that as long as we continue to obey his commandments and will, we are going to inherit the blessings of Abraham and when we fail to do so, then we should get set for curse and suffering. So, it is important that we continue to follow in the steps of the most high God while doing the things that brings good life and prosperity to us.

In addition, there is need for us to keep claiming our blessings through prayers whil rebuking any force that try to block us from getting those blessings from above.
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Yea, we need to keep on praying still something good happens in our lives. It can only get better for us.

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