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Do you think our blessings can be denied or stagnated by any one or situations. Do you think we can leave this world without experiencing all our blessings? 
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We all know that everything on earth are just temporary,so accept every blessings you can.
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I do believe there are people who don't wish us good. And they can do anything they can to see us not succeed. So all we need to do is pray hard to God to shield us from the evilness of such people. That way we will receive all that He intended us to. We all know for a fact He didn't put us on this earth to suffer 
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The blessings prescribed for us on earth will always be ours. What is in the hereafter will await us as well. 
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Sometimes life facts are be confusing if we have our destiny plans out can we still have someone obstructing our blessings,supposing that wasn't part of the plan for us?

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I do not think that our blessings can be denied or stagnated. What we are blessed with and what we will be blessed with in this life is our destiny. Nothing can stop it. Maybe we can experience difficulty, hardship or misfortune along the way. That is just a mere delay and time to get closer to God and appreciate what we have once we get them.

What is yours will always be yours. Most times we do not understand the ways of God. We may think that certain blessings aren't forthcoming or that they are slipping our grip. We fail to understand that God doesn't let us have what isn't meant for us and it is just one ugly door shutting for a beautiful one.

When we don't get many things that we want, some aren't just meant to be for us. We are better off without them and that indeed is a blessing.
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I just asked the question up there before seeing your answer.if our destiny is fixed it like those blessings that didn't come to us wasn't meant to be right?

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