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To be honest, emergency food like can goods and packaged food are mostly used for emergency food.
This depends on the kind of food you're referring to. Not everyone have a refrigerator to store food so most resort to microwaving the food to still maintain it's freshness. I do this when there's no light. 

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Fruits and Humidity
One way to make fruits last longer even without a refrigerator is to leave them close to moisture. Fill a pot of water and cover with a lid that has several holes, place the fruit on top of that lid.

Over time the water will begin to evaporate and so your fruit will moisten. It is important to put more water in the pot every day. Do not forget the fact that chili, eggplant, tomato, cucumber and chuchu are also fruits.

One of the main questions is how to keep cold food without the refrigerator, know that they will require even greater care. To ensure that colds last longer even without the refrigerator it is important to store them with plenty of water.

Place containers with food in the sink with cold water. But know that miracles do not exist with food and colds last less than refrigeration, consume in less than 24 hours. Afterwards they will be spoiled, among the main cold cuts that can be preserved like this are milk, cheese and yoghurts.

Think of logic, when vegetables are planted stand upright, so when you store them horizontally it eases them to spoil. So let carrots, onions and others positioned vertically while keeping them fresh. You can fill a pot of sand and put the vegetables standing inside it, fix them right there. For herbs and lettuce to last longer the tip is to place them inside a vase with water.

How to Make a Natural Refrigerator Step by Step
Step 1
The first thing to do is to separate two pots that are made of clay and that are of different sizes, it is good that the variation of size between them is of 1 to 3 cm. The pots can not have holes in their sides or underneath.

Step 2
The larger vessel should be filled with about 2.5 cm of sand. The vessel that is smaller should be placed inside this vessel, the gap that will form between them should be filled with a little more sand.

Step 3
It will be necessary to throw water on the sand so that it is soaked. Then cover the vases with a towel and place these vases in the shade. The process of evaporating the water will cause the smaller vessel to be refrigerated.

Step 4
After doing this step by step you can store your food as cheeses, yogurts and the like in this true natural refrigerator. Keep an eye out to see if the sand is dry.

Tips for Conserving Foods in the Event of Electric Power Failure
Another situation that can happen is to run out of electricity and in this case it is important to also know how to proceed to keep your food well maintained. The first thing to know is that if the lack of energy happens during a period of up to 4 hours it is possible to conserve your food leaving the refrigerator door closed during the period.

A freezer is able to maintain its internal temperature for up to 24 hours without electricity. In the event that the lack of energy persists for a long period the tip is to buy blocks of ice so that the temperature of the refrigerator stays as low as possible.
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I tend to imagine you're talking about time foods like fish and fruits.For something like fish then you should dry it in the sun or burn it in the charcoal to dry off the water.

Also, you can store the products in a cool dry place.Despite of the weather being hot you'll always find a cool place within your house.That should be where you could be keeping those goods.

Also a charcoal cooler, its a tradition way of storing emergency foods although I really don't know how it works but serves the same purpose as a refrigerator.
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I suppose you are talking about cooked food. Once they are cooked, although depending on the method of cooking, it is hard to keep them fresh for so long. Cooking with water introduces moist content. This is the medium in which bacteria which cause food to spoil thrives.
You can heat up the food periodically. For foods that are very sensitive to heat, you can air them. Do not keep it covered for so long. Better still, use and aerated lid to cover the food. You can also change your method of cooking to frying, roasting, grilling etc. Methods that do not involve soluble liquid.

You can preserve raw food by drying them in the sun or places they can get adequate air supply. Some people also use wrapping sheets that have the ability to absorb moisture content. The key is to reduce water content that cause bacteria to thrive thereby causing food decay.
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People who lived in primitive time actually have special ways to store foods to prevent its spoilage.  Since refrigerator is just few generations ago that it was discovered. Preserves were more. Popular even in those days like smoking and drying or salting foods like meat, jams , pickles and preserve for fruit and vegetables. The roots celler and cool dark larders for long terms storage.
Foods like tuber crops or foods are stored in a Ban. E.g the yam ban. The ban is always build in such a way that moisture is avoided by all means as wells as direct sunlight.
Foods like tomatoes and peppers are left in sun to dry to preserve it for long time. Furthermore,  cereals and legume are left in the sun to dry and meats can also be fried or equally left to dry under the intense sun.
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