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Facebook is one of the most popular and used social media sites in the world today. 

There is also an extension of Facebook called Facebook page.

How do you create a Facebook page? 

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It is very easy to create a facebook page if you follow the steps accurately.
The first step is for you to have a facebook account or you create a new one by visiting /business  then you click on create a page,  different options will appear for you to choose your type of business that you want to create the page for, after that a page will appear then fill the necessary details there and click on get started .

The next thing is for you to upload the picture of your business or logos as the case may be.
The next thing is for you to create the username and password for your page.
The next is for you to create a brief description of your page that is what you do, your kindness of business.
You can now create your first post on the page and fix all other things that are necessary especially contact details and other.
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Creating a facebook page isn't a very difficult task, it's process is almost the same as opening a personal Facebook account. There are two ways to approach this task, both of which will be explained below.

To open a Facebook page, all you need to do is visit Facebook's homepage. In some cases, you might land on a page which will ask you to signin, create a Facebook account or a business account. If that isn't the case, then you'll need to add /business in the address bar of the Facebook homepage. When the page comes up with your intended option, complete the fields and follow the instructions to finish the process.

Am assuming you already have a Facebook account, because the second approach will require you signin to your account before creating a page. After you've singed in to your Facebook account, search for create page from the options on the side menu of your homepage. Once you locate and click on it, just follow the instructions by filling all relevant fields. There you have it. You now own a Facebook page.

Note: when opening a Facebook page, you need to be decisive on the name of the page, because changing a page name from the original takes a bit of a process and requires review, sometimes Facebook can decline a name change on a page. Also, a Facebook page is specifically designed for business purposes, hence it's operations and runings differs from a regular account. It often cost money to make reachs, engagements and meet a certain high number of intended audience.

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