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How do you create a Twitter account? There are some people who don't even know Twitter exists ,so if you are to educate them about it, how should they go about creating an account on Twitter? 

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First of all, I have come to understand that Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media site that we have out there and the ability and rate that they ate growing shows that in no distance time, they are going to overtake Facebook as the social media platform that have got the highest numbers of followers.

This is the reason all of us should be looking at being a part of Twitter network as it is going to benefit us as students, workers, business owners and what ever endeavors that we are looking at since we shall be getting to meet like minds in our field of endeavors.

One needs an email account, a nice photo, phone number, and a username so as to be able to open a Twitter account. Search for Twitter on the search engine, click on open new account and follow the instructions that follow. It is worthy to note that using a strong password is necessary to protect hackers from easily getting into our account as well.
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