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Once you reach 3000 points, you'll need to directly contact and pm the Answeree profile page to withdraw the amount from your account. 

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If you reach the 3000 points, you can pm Answeree to send you your money. From experience I got paid after an hour that is why I fully respect the site for being real. If you will ask when, supposedly you are active in answering 7 questions a day and have 5 replies, you will get 75 points a day, you just need to divide 3000 points to 75 points you will do in  day, then you will reach 3000 points after 40 days. Of course, if you are not that active and doesn't meet 75 points, it will prolong the days you will reach 3000 points. I just made a calculation and I did it when I was just starting the site. However, you just don't need to meet it, but also the quality of your answer and the number of characters should be meet before you can earn 70 points a day for answering only.
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I can see that you are still new to the site I think the first question should have been if the site is legit because if the site is legit then the time of payment shouldn't be a problem because the most important thing is you getting paid.
Well, I will be writing from experience because I have been paid twice from the site without hassles.it takes about 1-2 hours to get paid provided you have gotten to payout and your posts have been approved then your amount should be sitting pretty in your account.

Now the site will be limited on the 22 of next month,so you need to work or be more active to be able to get to minimum payout before the deadline.Just keep working and get your 3000 points you will be paid and on time too at least before 24 hours.
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The site will be deactivated by this month on 22nd,and all members are require to reach $30 in order to be paid, under than that, I am not sure if they will pay you. Make sure to reach $30 before this 22nd of the month so you be eligible to get the payout through Paypal. And starting early next year January 2019 they will lunch a new site, there will new system and ways to earn,according to Answeree they will have quize game and everyone can participate to get the prize. I am excited how this site will next year and I will invite my friends to join Answeree. We just hope that everyone who earned under $30 will get paid, but not sure about that though. Any points you earned here will be gone I think prior to new launching a new site. S good luck toallof us.

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