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Do ypu have any new years resolution? I don't have because Imit really doesn't matter.

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I have always have new year resolutions in place yearly but it always get broken along the way because sometimes life just happen and we can't get through to what we had proposed and again,it might not just be what God really want for us and as such we get limited and dumped the whole idea.

I hoping to make some by January 1st again next year and I'm.alresdy praying about them that it should just be God's will so that I can accomplish them.My first new year resolution will be getting closer to God and working soley for him both in and out of season,I want to love my family especially my kids more and spend more time grooming them and also see how I can build my career as a consultant to do more.i know I have made few mistakes no regrets though but building on them.
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New year resolution is not my thing. I've never in my life made any new year resolution. I guess it has always been like this because I am not the type who waits for a particular time or season before deciding what is right to do. Any time I am not cool with anything in my life, I have that great willpower to put an end to it regardless of the pain that will come with it. And it has been working for me, as it has enabled me to wave goodbye to destructive bad habits.

On the issue of resolution, I have quite number of people that come up with new year resolution before they will know it, they've broken the resolution oath they took. I have seen close friends who will brag about giving up bad habits like smoking as new year resolution, but yet, they will return back to it before the year even get to its first quarter. Apart from the bad habit aspect, same is applicable to every other areas of their lives when it comes to new year resolution.
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