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Describe love in one word.
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Love is unexplainable it remains uncertain and nobody can tell when you feel it. It's a feeling that will make you excite and make you happy.

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Love to me means understanding for each other. You see that the situation that we are having in the world that we are living today is that of where two people will claim that they are in love with each other while they are unable to show such understanding in all they aim to do. Frankly speaking, it is always difficult for us to totally get in line with what others that we are into a relationship are doing.

However, it is by understanding that they are not perfect is the way to go. When you are dating someone that is having insecurities and finding it difficult to trust you, the best thing to do in that kind of situation is to accommodate and find ways that you can be able to work things out with the partner.

This is because to love means to sacrifice some things to gain the bigger reward of love.
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Love to me always means an extra ordinary likeness we have for a specific person. It so pure and natural and it can't just be broken easily that's why I always believed we can't just loved two people at a time. If I'm to go by the definition of the love I know and I have come to accept then there's no way we can love two people exactly.

Love for a person will make us be kind, patient and understanding with the person.We will be able to help the person live a better life.Love Is devoid of resentment or pity on the other person.I alwsys say there's nothing like genuine love because there's nothing like fake love too. It either it is love or nothing. Love doesn't needs anything in return it just the people involved to work hand in hand as in mutually to the best of their abilities.
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Commitment .

To say it in one word love is commitment. It is not a feeling  it is a commitment/a promise unto death to be in a relationship, to live through the ups and downs, to hang on to each other, It is about understanding, communicating, expressing, forgiving and even repenting for wrong done in the relationship. No one is perfect, to expect perfection from the other is to expect your partner to be God. Love is a perfect balance of all things that go into a relationship. when one of those things for eg. understanding or communication goes haywire, the relationship is in shambles. To keep the balance is the real essence of relationship. Love helps you to turn a blind eye to the flaws of the other while  being ready to see his or her good qualities. Love grows and ages like fine wine.. when it does not it is mere attraction or lust.
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Well love could be unexplainable sometimes but you just know that what you feel is love. In one word, I would say it is "acceptance". When you love someone, you just take them into your heart with no conditions and no strings attached.

All around the world, the people of different races, color, tribe. The one thing that brings people together and binds them is love. Love is a strong force and emotion that even the people who bear it in their hearts cannot really explain it.

It is only love that makes a completely upright person fall for mess. Someone they wouldn't ordinarily stand. But you'll find total submission and acceptance just because they feel love for each other. Love is pure. It always wins in the end of it all.
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Love in one word is sacrifice. Your ability to tolerate and sacrifice will definitely guarantee trust and respect. Who ever that is able to sacrifice for you can equally do everything to make you very happy which is love.
The more you sacrifice the more the love grows,  feelings and understanding can not have a place to stay if there is one form of sacrifice or the other. It is no doubt that as human we are imperfect people but the ability to sacrifice for one another makes the imperfections to be insignificant which give room for love to exist between two people.
There are times of misunderstandings,  arguments and difficulties between two is not sacrifice two can not work together,  sometimes certain things are ignore for peace to remain it is as a result of sacrifice.
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