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I look at artisans and menial jobs workers and they do the most jobs even than corporate workers but they still remain and I asked what keeps them poor. Are some people destined to be poor? 
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If being a hard worker means one have to be a rich person, then wheel barrow and truck pushers are supposed to be the most richest people in the world. It's all about working smart and not hard.
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I agree with you but do you think  that none of them has ever worked smart because they hardly come through in life. 

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Let me begin by correcting those who like to associate poverty as some state of mind and not actual living condition. The standard definition of poor refers to having little or no money, or other means of supporting ones living. This simply means that if a person lacks the financial strength to support their livelihood to a point of being comfortable and having at least an extra little to spare on savings, then such a person is poor.

Going back to the question, I don't think all hardworking people are poor. Millionaires were not made by fluke, they actually worked hard to where they are today. But I guess your question is referring to those majority of labor workers who fall below average living conditions. If so, then it's not hard to point the reasons why.

Modern day society has made it a must to have some sort of educational training and certificates to show for before securing any reasonable job that might eventually put you on or above average living conditions. The majority of those hard working folks drawing from your question's narration are those who lack acceptable working education, thereby leading them to work menial jobs, especially labor intensive jobs. As we we know, those types of jobs pay very little and anybody who relies on such jobs for earning a living will be classified as poor.

Destiny is the inevitable or necessary fate to which a particular person or thing is destined or a predetermined course of events considered beyond human power or control. Though some people do not believe in destiny, I like to think that destiny plays a very vital role in our lives. Believe it or not, somethings are just meant to be as they tend to be beyond our controls, porverty included. Take for instance a poor couple living somewhere in the slumps of a remote third world country giving birth to a physical challenged child. Odds are going to be highly against such child from succeeding in life. This is because as long as their living condition remains the same, there's really nothing such a family can do to bring forth a positive change. That's what I refer to as destiny. And a lot of different situations are largely influenced by factors associated with destiny because they often are beyond our control or powers to correct.

So yes, I think some people are destined to remain they way there are, be it poor or otherwise.
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Well ststed, you really hit the nail on the head. Thank you. Destiny might just be playing out. 
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I think it's high time we got this subject of people being poor straight. If you say they are hard working and they are not having enough like those doing corporate job, does that make them poor? They might not be as rich as those with white collar jobs, but does mean they are not finding fulfilment in what they're doing? And are they at the mercy of this so called big shots in the society? If all the boxes are ticked no as answers to the above following questions, they are not poor. But it's yes, then they are.

We must come to understand and respect the inequality about life. For instance, all fingers are not equal, but that doesn't mean the longer one is more important than the others. It just that that's how it was made for it to be longer than the others. And yet, they all work harmoniously together without the smallest been sidelined.

The truth is nobody is poor, it just depends on the mentality of the individual that sees himself to be that way. If you're paying your bills and taking care of your responsibility as a man/woman, you're are well to do. And importantly, such individual should never feel inferior to those he/she thinks are richer than him/her.

Lastly, we should know that there's dignity in labor. And so whatever you find yourself doing, and you find fulfilmemt in doing that thing, you are a rich man regardless of the fact that there are those having more money than you.
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Slow down my point is why Don't they live better.Take for example an office man might earn less but live better but a menial worker can earn more daily but still lived wretched could it just be their mindset. 
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I don't think it's appropriate for you to refer to menial job workers as wretched because they choose not be flamboyant with their wealth. It is not everybody that likes being ostentatious with their money including some of the so called white collar job workers.
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The point there is they don't live well or tend to live a standard way below the money they make daily,this is no insinuations it a fact.
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People that is still poor made a mistake when it comes to decision. As the saying goes, if you are still poor, it is all your fault. It means that you are not aware that some strategies with life is not working on you and you are not doing anything about it. For example, if you think you are not earning good on your present job, go find a job that earns more so you can have a savings that you will divide into two, for emergency and for business and investment. On these strategies, you will able to try if having a business will work for you. Be proactive. Your response and awareness is needed to change your strategies and not to feel depress when you feel that the plan executed is not working. The lack of determination and eagerness will pull them down until they remain poor.
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I think they are not determined enough because I don't get why they will not rise above it even though making money daily they still don't live better
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You know what I do believe that no one get rich if a person remains an employee for life.To calculate this, the employee works hard everyday with the same salary that he gets and do overt itme.Sometimes overtime the company won't pay you. Then he gets the payment every 15 days,  that money will be use for his food, rental, fare, and other expenses,sometimes it's not enough. Then if it's not enough, he will then borrow for a money to sustain until he gets the next salary and pay the borrowed money.  And that is repeatedly every month, a hardworking person is unable to save for the future, not unless he will  sacrifice for something so he can save even a little. Most of the times, a hardworking person will help his family and sometimes there will be nothing left for him. While if you are a businessman, you will work harder and earn more, because a business income is not certain.
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But menial job workers get paid on the spot after working but they still live very low and I wonder what cause it. Could it just be lack of planning. 
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It's not about lack of planing, but about the amount they get paid. Believe me, most people who work menial jobs have plans months ahead of time. With the average cost of living in our society today and individual responsibilities, there's no amount of planning than can make a menial worker rich on such jobs. The only way to succeed above their current standards is by switching to a higher paid job. 
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This is not necessarily about them being wealthy but them living at least in accordance with their income. Some lived way beneath their income. 
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The thing is that working hard is not the truest way for one to become rich and that is the fact. There is something that is necessary for us to understand when we are looking at ways that we can be a better person in terms of becoming rich.

The issue with being rich is sometimes not about money, but the ability of people to implement nice ideas that will create money making channels for them. There are great ideas that people can make use of before you know it, they will have products that consumers will be paying much more to have.

This is the same thing when we are talking about providing a service. With a nice idea, the only thing that you need is to implement them and start having great returns from it. This is quite different from working hard and trying to make ends meet with that.
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I will have to agree with you maybe their ideas doesn't give them a better option at life and so they still remain down even with hardwork
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If you are poor, it means that you cannot afford even the most basic things in life and even when you do, you barely have enough to go by. You are likely living below standard. Hence it doesn't matter if you are fulfilled or content that way but it doesn't take away from the definition. That is being poor and it is not meant to be condescending.

There's a way that society works. In the sense that if your qualifications do not meet certain criteria, you'll never be one of the big shots. However in present times, it is really how smart you can think. It is more of a combination of wisdom and intelligence.

Perhaps it is safe to say that these menial workers haven't got the education as well as foresight. Everyone can be groomed to be anything. It takes expertise.
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I was referring to them living better because some lives below the level of money they make.Some earned same with a corporate worker but can live better. 
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