Now this has always been confusing to me,if we are to live out our destiny as in what will be will be and paradventure we want something despite our destiny,can we actually have it,shape our destiny to suit us?
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God defines our destiny but we can reshape it with what we do and what we don't do about the situation we find ourselves in. Nothing is constant when it comes to destiny.
Are you sure because I believe our destiny is suppose to be static as in what will be will be. It seem it can't be changed

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Let's not forget in a hurry how destiny works. Destiny works according to God's divine plan for one's life, when the person has taken out time to discover what's he/she destiny is. There is this responsibilty of embarking on self discovery for destiny to take its root in that person's life. You can just sit down lazily folding your arms doing nothing and expecting destiny to work out miracle for you by making you to become what didn't prepare for.

Agreeably, I know sometimes, destiny works mysteriousy. In the sense that there are things we didn't expect but yet happen to us. Let's say for example, you've been trying out so many things you are good at, and the while nothing tangible was forth coming, but suddenly, the one you didn't expect materialize according to your destiny. It's would be appropriate for you to say that 'what would be would be' according to the popular say for destiny.
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You just wrote my thought I believe that we humans can't shape our destiny if we were suppose to be rich we will be even if we don't do much. That's why we should always pray for divine intervention and that our destiny should start to manifest. 
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There is this story of a young man who was actually destined to be rich and to be served by people. But life was never fair to him from his tender age, to the extend that he had to sleep with empty stomach in most days. The father lost his job along the line too and all pressure was forced on the mother to carter for the family. The young boy noticed that his life is derailing and should he allow it. He mmight even loose his education. One of the night, he woke his two parents pleaded with them to allow him leave town to seek job and continue his education. The parent were reluctant but they couldn't help but allow him. He left for town and he got a job from which he was earning little money monthly. He later got a car wash work with one senator after he was recommended.

The boy was diligent and hardworking and the senator decided to take responsibility of all his education. He later became a great man.
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Well,I think that's how his destiny was suppose to play to get him to his destiny.i believe he will still be great no matter what though.
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When you take a look at this from the religious and spiritual dimension, no man can decide his or her destiny because everyone's destinies are already defined, decided and mapped out by God almighty. If my memory serves me correctly, there is a verse in the holy Bible that states that even before a man is born, that God have already decided the man's destiny and know what he would be in life. This is true to some people and not accepted by some other people.
Personally, I believe that God have a big say on what our destiny would be but I'm also of the belief that man can also very well work and influence how and what his destiny looks like. Nobody is born and destined to be poor and weak, if you find yourself in such situations, work very hard to move out of such predicament.
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This is contradictory if our destiny have actually be mapped out by God then what's the work all about again when all gifts from God comes naturally and we don't need to work for it. 
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We can possibly shape out own destiny but also it is accordance to the plan of God for us. Like for example, you plan everything to move to another country so you can start a new journey for your family. Everything is set up, everything happening according to your plan at the beginning. But, then suddenly something happens that will delay or possibly won't allow you to move to another country anymore.
That is life, no matter how we plan and fo everything if it not meant for us it won't for us, but there are reason's behind of all the things that had happen. Then suddenly you being promoted with your boss, unexpectedly with high income. Do you see what I mean here, we can shape it but also we  allow our destiny works for us. Sometimes we just have to let the destiny uphold and what we do is to work for it.
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This becomes very confusing if we can shape it then I don't think we should then wait for any approval because it might not be according to God's will.
Yes we can shape it outside of its predestined constraints - if providence wants you to be somewhere at a particular time then that's what will happen. The universe always gets its way.
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If our destiny is wonderful as it is put there as our life's purpose why would we want it to be otherwise? Why would we want to choose something different when our destiny is the ultimate and can't be any better?
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