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We all prefer our tea prepared in a special way. Some people like getting some cubes of sugar added to their tea while some other people don't. Personally, I don't use sugar in making my tea because the milk is enough for me.

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I preferred my tea without sugar I like it the way it is. Before I used to drink coffee with milk and sugar in it but I don't like my drink sweets anymore.
Since I started drinking green tea I tried to put milk and sugar in it but, I don't like it. Green tea has a good antioxidants properties so I don't want to ruin it by adding milk and sugar. It is good if it is just green tea alone. I drink it like water.

Instead of drinking it as my usual tea time I like to drink it just like water. I like to drink to the tea that is sweet but the one sell on the market. When its hot and I wanted cold drink, I prefer tea drink as long as I like the taste of it. Maybe its the reason why I don't get fats even I eat too much. The green tea has a good properties that is good for bowel movement.
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When sugar is added to my tea, it becomes so sweet that it makes me want to puke.

The milk alone is enough sweetener for me and I don't even like it when the milk is added too much. 
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I prefer it without sugar. I think if you want to be healthy and you want tea to be part of your regular drinks, then you don't have to put any sugar at all. The same goes with milk, because it is sweet. Tea has many functions but the most popular ones are green tea as an antioxidants and some tea are for bowel movements. For me it is not a regular drink, it is really has a serious purpose on me that is why adding sugar or milk will make it as a regular drink. I am not a tea drinker but when i do, sugar is not added. I let the tea works alone with my body. It doesn't tastes good. It really has an aftertaste that is why I am not a fan. But anyway, for a tea to be continue helps us to be healthy, it should drink that way, without any added ingredients, like Chinese and Koreans do.
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Some people would never take their tea without adding sugar in it because they are addicted to sweet drinks. 

Too much sugar is not healthy in my opinion, so we should try as much as possible to cut down our sugar consumption on daily basis.
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I used to really liked my tea with sugar and milk like loads of it before now but I'm not into tea any longer let alone adding sugar or cream to it.if I even remember to take it,it will be tea without anything.
Since I started my weight adjustment a while back I have ran from sugar loaded stuff that comes with loads of calories that could satobage my efforts with my weight loss.

I could make do with honey sometimes which I know it a better option it healthy and medicinal too now but not sugar. I'm trying to cut off sugar totally from my intakes since it a culprit for one striving to be better with weight loss.

I'm not against one taking tea with sugar or any sweetener but it just a personal decision for me since it will help me lower my calories intake daily.
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My mother still prefer her tea well filled with both sugar and milk to the extent of the tea being thick. 

I have tried my best to make her stop taking that amount of sugar into her system but she is already addicted to her tea being prepared in that manner. 

Most times, she makes her tea by herself because no one mixes it the way she loves. 
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I'm a very huge fan of tea if I can put it like that. I love tea so much. So much so that it can replace my meals sometimes, especially when I get really busy and I don't want to sit down for a meal. I take two cups of tea a day at least and at most I can take four to five cups daily.
I like my tea with sugar in it. I don't add to much sugar though. Just enough to taste or else it will irritate my guts. While growing up, I would add a lot of sugar in my tea but now, I've spread the quantity of sugar in one cup across four cups. That works for me and it keeps my weight in check.
Some types of tea like ginger, Cinnamon and even coffee, I can have without cream. Other mix just gets me nauseous so I always add sugar and cream. It is really not that bad if you have it controlled with your calories and all.
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Sincerely you are right about the different and unique way we want our tea to be prepared. In my own case I don't like sugar because of the health implications of eating sugar which is very dangerous especially for a man. So my style if tea starts from my brand which is bonvitta and peak milk. I actually love bornvitta because of it nice flavor and I chooses peak milk because it contain lesser fat. And I noticed the tea after mixing the two would have contain some percent of sugar already. So instead of using or adding sugar, I prefer to add honey.

The essence of honey body can't be over estimated or over emphasized since it serves as cure to many ailments.

So I don't really want my tea to be much, rather normal and thick. I usually take hot tea in the money and if I must take tea at night. I prefer cold water.
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Capital NO! I don't make use of sugar whenever I am drinking tea. Funny enough, I used to when I was much younger and ignorant about the health implications of eating white sugar. Back then I can't drink tea without adding sugar to it. And if tea is made and sugar is not in it I can't drink it.

Suddenly, all that sugar addiction changed when I grew up. The change was brought about when I gained the knowledge that sugar are not healthy for grown ups, especially if consumed in large quantity and done frequently. Sugar might be healthy for children, because of how their metabolism is still very fast in terms of its  function, unlike that of adults, which slows down as they age.

Ideally, drinking tea with sugar is not needed, because those beverages already contain certain amount of sugar in them. Additionally, most food we eat already have sugar in them, too.
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In those days I couldn't take tea without adding cube of sugar to it because I believe tea needs to be very tasty before I takes but when I had opportunity to work on a project related to sugar, I discovered a lot things about sugar has it no nutrient contents in it except it is been fortified with vitamin, since then I reduced the intake of sugar drastically.
The best option now is for me to add more of honey which is natural to tea to make it have taste and I add more of beverages simce there is already sugar in it to take my tea.

Tea is in different categories in recent times so there lots of herbal teas that do not even sugar in it, it is either taken raw with hot water or addition of milk. Sugar has little or no positive impact on our health so it not advisable to take it

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