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Normally, it's either you take your coffee with cream or sugar. Some people actually add both cream and sugar especially when it's someone who can't stand the odd taste of coffee. There are still people who don't use either cream nor sugar for their coffee drinks as they prefer it black. What's your preference?
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Before I like to drink coffee and I like it creamier,I will add sugar but only a little bit because I don't want my coffee to be sweet.
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I prefer my coffee with just sugar. Adding cream makes me feels too much for my diet. And I always like freshly brewed coffee from my electric coffee maker which I bought recently. 

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6 Answers

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Coffee is one of my favorites, not because it's popular amongst people, but because I love the soothing feeling of caffeine whenever I take coffee, it kind of relaxes my nerves in a way. But it doesn't make me sleep like other people claim.
Well, to answer your question, now a days I prefer my coffee black, no cream nor sugar. Though at first you'd find it difficult due to the unpleasant bitter taste, i guess am now use to it. I use to take it with a lot of both sugar and cream in the past, i guess my bad habits have caught up with me because am begining to have health complicated issues with sugar. That's the major reason why I stopped taking coffee with mostly sugar. But once in a while, I still indulge in taking coffee with cream.
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It depends on what I need to do. At home, when I am working on my other online job, I need to drink black coffee. That is without sugar. It keeps me awake and focus on what I need to do. At the office, I have my coffee with cream. My idea is that, it is free, so I take advantage of the cream. Actually, I can drink coffee at work without cream if I wanted too, but I am just thinking that the cream should be consumed too because it is free so I go with cream. At home, after dinner or after a meal, sometimes I have a coffee with cream. It should be a hot one. I am helping my stomach to digest food. A hot soup will do or you just need to avoid drinking cold water, but I prefer coffee with cream. It really depends on what I am doing but above average I prefer with cream.
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I was really a creamy person before now I can't just take any tea or beverage without sugar and cream I mean it must be very creamy for me to really take it but now I take it without any thing. That's why it always good to do things when the opportunity comes because we don't know if we will ever have such opportunity any longer. Infact if someone would have predicted that years to come I will be taking black coffee without sugar or cream I would have asked if poverty will be the cause. But here I'm with money in my pocket but I'm taking coffee without sugar or cream.

I'm trying to get to a desired weight and I'm trying to stay away from anything that will spike my insulin which sugar is a culprit so I have totally done away with anything sugary or creamy.
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Although I am not really a coffee drinker but most times I have drank coffee, I preferred it to be without sweetener. For me it doesn't really add up why coffee should be drank with either sugar or cream. I know everybody have what their preferences are, and so I am not trying to say it is not okay for one to drink coffee using any of them.
But speaking from standpoint of health, it seems pretty out of place for sugar or cream to be added to coffee tea. Perhaps it is like this because it is believed that this various types of sweeteners prevent the health benefits of coffee, specially if you're the type drinking it for health purpose.
Interestingly, it is documented that coffee is a perfect drink for controlling weight gain. And it's also added that if coffee is drank with sweetener, it has the potential of inhibiting its bioactive compound responsible for weight loss.
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I don't think that there's a normal to it. There are several blends of coffee and tea you have no idea so to say that either coffee with or without cream and sugar is normal isn't supposed to be so. I think the word is "usually" because that's the blend most people are used to.
I like my coffee with cream and sugar. Nothing over the top but just enough to taste. There are times when I like my coffee with only sugar. I don't like it without cream and sugar unless I need to stay awake, only then do I take it as such and not because I like it.
I love to have coffee with a blend of different flavors. My favorite is coffee with cacao. They both have similar stimulating effects so it is the super taste and feeling I love to have from this combination.
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I think it is a bit fair to take the coffee with cream than with sugar because sugar contain much substance that are never useful to the human health. It leads to much harmful health. The b down system of sugar is much that most time the liver over worked to balance the hydration system of the body.
I prefer honey compared to both sugar and cream because of the great health benefit of the honey. Honey helps to cure alot of infection and sicknesses.

The first time I took coffee was went for excursion in a big  company in the western part of my country. It was served wwith sugar and I didnt find it funny in the evening of that day. Until I later took flagil tablet. Since then, I totally detest taking anything with sugar in it. So I advice people to stop taking sugar contents.
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