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Smartphone devices comes in different designs. Which one do you prefer between slide and flat screen smartphone? What's your reason for making that choice?
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I think slide phone is old fashioned now,so I don't really like it now.i like the flat screen phones now so I go for them.
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Flat screen Android device is pretty fine for me. I think that it is all about how comfortable that I can feel when making use of the mobile device that matters to me. 

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answered by ELITE (3,642 points) 6 8 14
I use different smartphones and mobile since I was sixteen years old. My first mobile phone is a keypad from Nokia, that time I am not aware about touchscreen. I was contented by then, but since smartphones develop every now and then, I have use the slide phone and it was really fund and cute have. It was a keypad slide phone I have, but now I enjoyed using flat screen. It is easy to use and its very handy than any other mobile in the market. But, am still wanted the slide phone and even the flip phone from Samsung. And compare to the market prices, flat touchscreen has a good prices to use compare to the flip phone. I wanted a good quality smartphone no matter what type it is. The smartphone is not necessity but in our daily life today, we need it.
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answered by LEGEND (6,077 points) 6 9 22
Personally, I will go for flat screen smartphone anytime and any day. Flat screen, for me, is better choice for anyone that likes durability of phones. The edge flat screen devices have over slide screen devices are quite too enormous. There is absolutely no ground for comparison between the two different screen kinds of smartphones.

Prior to the advent of smartphone, those less sophisticated phones also came in either slide or flat slide. And I learnt my lesson way back then about the best screen between them both.

Without sounding too critical about the slide screen phones, they are very sleek and attractive to behold, but their disadvantages lie in their lack of durability, especially within the screen region. They are have what is called flexor, and this flexor enable them to slide from one end to the other. As this sliding is done continuously, this flexor would begin to wane, which would lead to the damage of it, thus unable to slide as it used to, which would also affect the screen.

But for flat screen phones, they can be used for a long time without the fear of the screen been damaged if carefully used.
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You got it right that's why I go for flat screen phones for it's hardly get easily damaged and such phones are worth the buy.
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answered by ELITE (3,008 points) 2 6 13
I will opt for the flat screen smartphone phones because they are durable and very easy to maintain and appears to very inexpensive unlike the slide smartphones that are no doubt very attractive,  very expensive and very easy to develop problems.
Prior to launching of smartphone phones,  slide phones has also be in existence for a long time,  it is mostly used by females because of it high level of attraction but the basic problems it develops  is the flex problem and once it develops such problems it won't be able to  receive calls nor will the screen be functional again.
It is obvious that the flex built in this new slide smartphone will be far better and will also be very expensive to buy when it get spoilt.  I am more comfortable with flat screen smartphone phones.
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Smart screens are alot better and most importantly it their level of durability.Flips are just fanciful and expensive to me nothing else.
replied by ELITE (3,008 points) 2 6 13
That is just the simple truth and fact.  Only people who have excess money or who loves fantasy uses them

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