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When you are choosing your supporting fashion go to, would it be a handbag or a purse? What would be your reason for anyone?

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When I was in college I use to bring handbag at school because I have too much stuff to bring with me. I work in the morning and I study after working hours. I carried too much stuff with me during my college time. When I finished college and got my first job I still use handbag then I bought some purse. I only use purse if I don't carry things with me. And when I have my children, not just a handbag I bring, I use bags for children stuff.
If I have a choice, handbag is for daily usage while purse is just for party to pair with dressing gown and party dresses. Because if I bring purse everywhere I go, there is a tendency that I can forget it and lose it. So to avoid that to happen I prefer handbag because I can feel it my shoulder and I don't easily forget it because its huge.
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Depends on your fashion statement. There are dresses goes with hand bag and there are dresses goes with purse. If you are wearing a gown, then a purse is recommended because you will only put few things inside it. You will only put compact facial powder, perfume and lipstick. With hand bag on a dress, you can put everything but make sure the hand bag is not that big or it will ruin your fashion statement. If I am going to work I have a big bag and I put everything on it. This is because I need all my papers at work, sometimes I bring some work at home just to meet the deadlines. It is really about what you wear. sometimes a dress has a matching color of bags too and even shoes should match it. It should be done if you are a person who really cares about fashion.
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Hand bag does it for me because of the various items I need to carry while stepping out. Well, maybe it depends on where I'm going to I can either use a wallet or a hand bag because I don't use a purse it looks a feminine thing or item so I prefer a wallet if I'm just getting to a nearby place but if it what I'm staying over night a hand bag will be the best option.

But all the same in almost all outings a handbag will be the best option since it bigger and can accommodate alot of what we have than a purse. A hand bag can hide all our items too. We can hardly misplace any item with a handbag since there will always be enough space to store anything we want to carry out with us. Handbag is also cost effective with a handbag there might be no need to buy a purse.
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The event will always be the reason for the decision to go with a handbag or a purse. See, if it is something that has got to do with a big event such as attending a wedding or a church service, it is always important for the person to make use of the handbag as that is the only way that we can push for the best way to work things out as regards feeling comfortable at such occasions.

For goodness sake, it does not look good for any one to go for a wedding ceremony with just a purse unless it is one that you just want to feel the environment and leave immediately.

A purse is great when we talk of having a hangout with people and getting to know them maybe in a restaurant or thereabouts. This is one way that we can get to show them that we are just there for fun and nothing more attached to it.

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