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When it comes to your favorite foreign currency, between dollars and euros which one do you prefer doing business with and paying for transactions?

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Both currencies are not my country's currency but been the fact that most countries engage in international trade it becomes very necessary to have foreign currencies for international transactions.
I will prefer dollars for business though the value of euro is more than that of dollara in term of currency exchange  to my local currency but dollar is more acceptable in most countries for transactions. Most online businesses and also rewarding sites  transact in dollars.
It is easier to access it from either the banks or the foreign exchange operators, the value does not fluctuate easily like other currencies.. The fact that it remains the most used and powerful currency used n the world for global transactions makes it earn more of people's trust.
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I prefer both because they have the biggest value in market compare to the other currency. But in the country where I live, the value of NZD here is lower than USD. I like to earn USD because it has a bigger value than here. Among the currencies, Euro has the biggest value if it converted into Philippine money.
If I earn something online I wish I could earn euro so when it converted into NZD it ha double value.

In business world i think every currency is very important. Without these currencies, there is no value or there is no market trading all over the world. Many businessman will use whatever currency as long as they will earn from investments. So whatever currency it is, there is always value in the market no matter how big it is.

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