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For me it is taking a spoonful of honey or chewing some bitterkola.This works for me all the time when I pick up cough from anywhere.
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My mother normally use balm to treat our cough when we still kids. She would put it in hot water and use it to bath us and give us some of it to drink. 
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I usually lick honey and drink warm lemon water. When I was young, my mom would make me a concoction of herbs and make me drink it and it would work. 

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There are different type of cough. It all depends on the causative factor. However, there are simple ways to cure cough which some of the cures are;
By  licking honey morning, afternoon, evening at least a teaspoon of honey will do. But if  the cough still persist. The next thing to do, is to get ordinary bitter leave at least 8 pieces and chew two each morning, afternoon and night.

Incase, the cough still persist, one can get 7pieces of bitter cola, with at least two TomTom sweet, with 3 pieces of lemon orange and bitter leave.

The bitter cola should be put inside a bottle and then blend the bitter leave and mixed it with the bitter cola. Then break the TomTom sweet and pour it in. The lemon is not too important. Allow it for at least 6hrs and always drink wit teaspoon.
But my favourite is blending the bitter leave and extract the juice. Put little salt in the juice and drink atleast 3 times per day. The cough will d
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When you have cough, there are lots of things which you can do at home that can help you so in reducing its effects and possibly help it to heal and you would get better. Now, when you have cough and you're at home, you should try as much as possible to never expose yourself to cold. You should try very hard to avoid taking anything cold - cold water or any cold drinks will aggravate the cough and make it get worst. Don't bath with cold water because your body is suffering from cold.

You can help yourself by eating hot meals, drink hot tea and always wear heavy clothes that covers your body very well. This would keep your skin warm and help the cough get better. There are some cough syrup that you can easily purchase at the pharmacy. It will also help.
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